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In The Pleasure Groove by Nigel John Taylor
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Sep 06, 2012

really liked it

As most others reading this book, I am a Duranie. So, already being biased towards liking the book, I still found it a little difficult to get into at the beginning. He had a happy childhood, just didn't like school that much, discovered music. OK. However, once Duran Duran's rise to fame takes off, so does the book.

I found myself matching up dates in his story against dates in my own. Sometimes a little difficult, since I did not see them in concert until 1989. My mom and dad would not let me go to concerts in 1984, no matter how much I pleaded. But I remember discovering them in 6th grade, watching all the videos, and feeling like I had been there all along. In fact, reading about some of these stories and people that I knew all about in my teens turned into a walk down memory lane for me, as well. "Oh, yeah, I remember that article..." "Oh, right, I remember them mentioning that person..." etc.

I do wish he'd dug a little deeper earlier on in the book. Once he gets to his addiction recovery, the loss of his parents, and his marriage to Gela, we get to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface. Then it's snatched away again as our beloved boys regroup for another album and tour. What he does tell us, though, is interesting, fast, and fun reading.

I found it interesting that the fame, the jet-set lifestyle, the adoring fans, is always entirely separate from the music. As if to this day he still doesn't see the connection. An extension of that is also his seeming belief that none of us Duranies really "get" the music. That it's only about rock-idol worship. Someone in the band once famously complained about their music not being meant for 15-year-old girls. I'm not sure he's ever really changed his mind about us, even though we are no longer fifteen.

This book is a must-read for Duranies. And it's probably interesting enough for casual fans and anyone interested in 80's music and/or rock star memoirs, too. "Music never sounded so good..."
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