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What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones
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Sep 05, 12

I liked this book a lot for some reason. It really did make me think about my own teenage life. And it's actually more relateable then I expected it to be. The main character Sophie finds herself in a typical teenage position. She was going out with someone who dumped her for another girl. Then she finds someone new that she had completely adored. She had best friends were are there for her who she grew up with. That part I envied because I don't have best friends that I grew up with and I kinda wished that I did when reading it. Her parents seem to be typical. They fight and argue. But there's just something that's wrong. The way Sonya Sones is writing this is like she's building up to a climax. You already know that something is seriously going to happen between her parents. Its foreshadowing also because Sophie, the main character keeps mentioning this nerd Murphy. You could sense it coming that they will probably be together. That sort of ruins the fun a little but it's still an okay book. I also like the way the book is written. Its in a poem format. I guess books like that are easier to read. I like the whole series of these books like, "One of those hideous books where the mother dies" and etc. Overall it's a good quick read.

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