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Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman
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Sep 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 05 to 08, 2012

Her name is Cecelia Rose Honeycutt, Cee Cee to her family...and friends; if she had any. Cee Cee lives in Ohio with her Mother and her Father. However, her life is far from perfect, or even good. Her Mother is a raving lunatic (mentally ill in a real bad way) and her Father, who just can't deal with the woman he married becoming mentally ill, is now a traveling salesman who is very rarely home and when he is just drinks the time away until he can leave again. Cee Cee has no friends except the elderly lady who lives across the street from her. The people in the neighborhood and at school tease her because of her Mother's ways of roaming around town in prom dresses and saying how she is a beauty queen. Cee Cee takes care of her Mother as best she can, but is just a child herself and doesn't know how to help her Mother. To get away from it all Cee Cee takes to reading books, many books, as many as she can. She prays that her Mother will just die and then she can have a better life. Well, one day that very thing happens. Her Mother was out shopping the Goodwill store for a new prom dress when, on the way there, she dances in the street and is hit and killed by a truck. Cee Cee's Father can't handle having to raise her and knows she needs more so decides to take a relative of her Mother's up on an offer made to take Cecelia back to Georgia with her to live. Cecelia is confused by this and angry with her Father for even thinking about this idea, much less doing it. Having no say in the matter, Cecelia goes off to live with her Great Aunt Tootie in Georgia. Cee Cee soon learns that maybe there was some love behind her Father's decision after all. There are all kinds of interesting people for Cee Cee to get to know while living with Aunt Tootie. Such as Miz Hobbs, the "poor girl turned rich" that thinks she is the life of the town and can gossip like no one else. Or Miz Goodpepper, the very peculiar woman who lives next door, who enjoys nature, gardens, and bathing in her outdoor tub in her garden. Then there is Oletta, the African American whom Aunt Tootie employs to cook, but is so much more to the family than just the cook. Can Cecelia really adjust to having a "real" family that cares about and for her? Will she ever make friends, the one thing she longs to do? Why did her Father give her up so easily to a relative she never even knew? Is there any way Cecelia can ever feel at home and comfortable with all these southern belles? Can she come to terms with her Mother's death and her mental illness that made Cecelia's life so hard? Doesn't she ever get to be truly happy?

This book was just amazing to me. It was full of southern hospitality, cooking, friendship, and much more. I found reading it, that I felt for Cecelia and wanted to just hug her through the pages of the book. She is only 12 years old, but has had to be so much older than that in responsibility due to her Mother's mental illness. She loses her childhood and all the things that go with that...friends, sleepovers, school events, and just being a normal kid. This book not only tugs at your heartstrings as you read it, but it has laugh out loud moments in it that are priceless. The plot is so "real life" that you almost forget you are reading a fictional book. Cecelia "Cee Cee", Aunt Tootie, Miz Goodpepper, Miz Hobbs, Oletta, and all the other southern belle friends of Aunt Tootie make the book for sure! They come to life on the pages as you read and have such wonderful and strong personalities. A lot happens in this book too, that's for sure. It ranges from happy, sad, horrifying, hilarious, and everything in between. I say this is a MUST READ book for anyone looking for great characters, a plot they can relate to, and southern ways that make you wonder why the whole world can't adopt some of them. I started this book and just couldn't put it down! I read into the wee hours of the morning to continue on in Cee Cee's adventure as she tried to make sense of her life and family. There are adventures that she goes on that are new and exciting to her, but also a bit scary, but she does them anyway because she trusts her "new family" when they say they will be there with her and it will be good for her.

If you are in to great characters/plots and great southern stories, this is the book for you! Wonderfully written!

5/5 Stars!

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