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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
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Dec 23, 2008

it was amazing

Maegan S.

Twilight By Stephanie Meyer

The book Twilight By Stephanie Meyer is full of adventure and romance. The setting takes place in a rainy town called Forks, located in Washington. The main character Bella Swan, moves to this town to live with her dad, Charlie. When Bella attends school for the first time, she finds that she is quite popular compared to her old home in Phoenix, Arizona. She meets many new people, as well as a strange boy named Edward.

Bella notices many qualities in Edward that the other students don't posses. His eyes change color, and he seems to be very strong. Once they get to know each other, Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire and falls in love with him.

Edward shows Bella the many advantages and disadvantages of being a vampire. He introduces her to his family, and protects her from all of the trouble she gets into. One day, when Bella was spending time with Edward and his family, they ran into vampires from a town outside of Forks. When Edward steps in front of Bella, the visitor named James, seems a little bit too interested.

To find out what happens next, read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

Over all, I thought Twilight was an extremely well written book. Every time I read it, I fell into the world of Bella Swan. Each character was believable, and each character was different. Bella had many adventures, but Stephanie Meyer made the book easy to follow, and still kept it surprising and suspenseful. Each time a new setting was introduced, I felt as if I was there too. Stephanie Meyer showed you what the place looked like, and made you feel what the characters felt.

I think the overall theme of the book was forbidden love. To me, she achieved this theme easily using language, relating the characters and situations to the reader, and by showing instead of telling. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a little bit of everything wrapped up into one book.

Maegan S.

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