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Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman
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Dec 23, 2008

it was amazing
Read in December, 2008

Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman is a fantastic book that is enjoyable to all audiences. It is about a teenage boy named Vince Luca. He is a normal boy likes movies, goes to high school, and rides the pine on the football team for the chicks. The only difference is that his dad is a top notch mobster. He does not want anything to do with his dad's business, but it always seems to creep into his life. For example, when he is on a date with a good-looking girl, and he goes to get a blanket out of the trunk, there is a body wrapped up in it! He ends up going out with the school journalist Kendra. All is going well and they really like each other, but the only problem is that Kendra's dad is the FBI agent that is trying to lock up Vince's dad. The story is full of comedy, romance, and problems. And it is a very enjoyable book for all people.

I really enjoyed the book. I thought that it was a realistic book, but still had some fun parts to it. Vince was a really well developed character, because everyone in his family did the same thing besides him. His dad, mom, and even brother were wrapped up in the mob, but he didn't want any part of that. Even then he still got caught up in it and affected by it. The other characters like Kendra, and his father were good too. Both of those characters are realistic and believable. Also, I thought the plot was well developed too. I started out thinking it was predictable, but it then took some sudden turns that i did not expect. The quality of the writing was very high. I thought the book was very well written and very engaging. I found that many times I did not want to put the book down, because I always wanted to find out what happened next. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book.

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Mrs. Katz Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman is very good, interesting novel, but also a very predictable one. Vince Luca is just a normal kid in High School; His best friend Alex is just trying to get girls through him, his brother is trying to get any good "deal" off of him, and his father is only trying to get him to join the family business. The only problem is that his father just happens to be the leader of a very powerful organization.

Just when Vince thinks he catches a break by gaining a new girlfriend, he finds out that her father an FBI agent that he is the one listening in to all of the family discussions just trying to find one little slip-up to put Vince's father away for the rest of his life. So how is Vince supposed to get their families together for a nice meeting when both of them are trying to get at each other throats?

I enjoyed the novel a lot because it was very realistic. There is usually one member in a family or group of friends that just wants to break away and create their own path in life. Vince Lucas was that member. Although it was realistic it was also predictable. Honestly it was pretty obvious that once something good started to happen in Vince's life something bad was bound to follow. The one thing Vince didn't want to do was get involved in his fathers business but once he decided to help Jimmy the Rat everything went downhill from there. Vince's accounting plan wasn't working because Jimmy and his buddy wouldn't stop wasting their money at the strip clubs. So the reader could tell that Vince was going to get deeper and deeper into the system until everything fell apart.

Overall I enjoyed the novel.

Thomas St.Denis

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