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Drain You by M. Beth Bloom
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Sep 04, 2012

it was amazing

Full disclosure: I read this book because I was going to interview M. Beth Bloom for my blog. But honestly, I was pleasantly, nay rapturously, surprised by how much I loved reading it, how quickly I tore through the pages, how many times I laughed out loud. Though marketed toward teens, which I am decidedly not, this book will doubtlessly appeal to readers who were teens in the '90s, when it is set -- I was awash with a lovely nostalgia for the days of Nirvana, Manic Panic, Sassy Magazine, Doc Martens, Heathers and good old-fashioned "whatever" '90s apathy, as much a character in this book as the bewitching Quinn herself.

A word about her, our narrator -- she's one of the most interesting teenage characters I've ever read. I've long been annoyed by the way young girls are portrayed in literature and film, which is usually either silly and vapid or strangely, epically brave and noble (Katniss, I'm talking to you). Quinn is not out to save the world, like most teenagers I've known, she just wants to hang out and crush on boys and create her own life.

Another aspect of this book that's particularly great is the importance of female friendship, which is so often overlooked or viewed suspiciously -- Quinn is intensely loyal to her best friend, willing, in fact, to fight vampires for her. Awesome.

Read this book for the hilarious, wry voice, the interesting protagonist, the lush descriptions of California, the amazing outfits, and oh yeah, for the Spader-ish vampires. I only wish I could go back in time and hand this book to my teenage self -- she would have LOVED it.

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