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Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson
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Dec 23, 2008

really liked it

Dark, grim and grisly yet with flashes of brilliant humanity. Had a love/hate reaction to the whole Chain of Dogs part, which encompasses 1/2 the book, just because I hate war, cruelty and violence. But couldn't put it down. Rushing right into the third of the series - then I'll need a break!
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The Crimson Fucker Yay, I can’t believe that you dint like this book for the exact reasons why I love it!! Coltaine’s battle tactics just blow my mind!!! I usually manage to figure out most battle tactics on books… but Erikson was just magnificent on the way everything was deployed… so precise… always the right angle… it was delicious!!! Some parts even gave me the chills, like the part where ermmm I don’t remember who was it was saying that they (the Wickans) been waiting for that day for so long… the day when they’ll finally see who is the strongest clan… and some dude (I don’t remember who was it) ask what’s the answer then… and she/he screams THE WICKANS!!!! THE WICKANS!!!! THE WICKANS!!! Something happened to me… few books have managed to do what that one did to m… I wanted to be there so badly that it wasn’t funny… as I said so many times before, I love to feel connected to the character I’m reading… and what Erikson did on this one… uff it just makes me want to read it again… by the end of that book I felt like if I belonged to Coltaine’s army… =) that me darling is why this one is my favorite of the series…

Helenn Fine Fine Fine!!! I will try again. I dont promise to like it. But I can give it a second chance.

Lori See, Alfonso, I'm not interested in who is in the right flank or the rearguard, besides what difference does it make they all get KILLED how anyone is still alive after Pale, this book, and the next at Coral is beyond me.

But yes indeed, even not registering all the details of the placement of the armies and not being able to keep track of all the clans from either side, Coltaine was amazing, just amazing. So the ending pissed me off so bad. DIE traitor DIE.

Susanne Epic chain of dogs is EPIC. But I agree, the detailing can get a bit tedious.

Hope you like Memories of Ice! It's my favourite book in the entire series.

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