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Playing Easy to Get by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sep 07, 2012

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Turn Up The Heat by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Allison is a small town girl from Georgia who is encouraged by an old friend to enter a publisher's sweepstakes. In this sweepstakes, Allison will get to dress like and live out the fantasy of her favorite book heroine. Her friend works for the company and also works for 'Z' (Mr. Zimmerman) who owns the islands/company that fulfill these fantasies so Allison wins. 'Z' has also dropped off his brother-in-law Vince, on this secluded island. Vince worked for the mob and wants out but the mob family suspects he'll go to the feds so now he's enemy #1. For Vince's protection, 'Z' sets him up on the island as part actor, part security for the women who win the contests.

This story was more a romantic suspense story with plenty of steam and action, than an erotica tale. It's the first time I've read anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I suspect that some of these characters are featured or mentioned in her other books. I will be looking into it and reading more, for sure.



Hunter's Oath by Jaid Black
Sofia is leaving Alaska after her brother Sam's funeral. She takes a taxi to the airport and falls asleep during the 2 hour ride. When she wakes she realizes it's been many hours and when she informs the driver that something must be wrong she realizes she's being kidnapped. She's taken to a cabin and examined by Vikings who plan to purchase her and sell her at an ancient, underground Viking bride sale.

Lord Johen Steffsson is being pressured by his parents to marry but he keeps putting it off. And even when he does marry it will only be to a native, not an Outsider wench. He attends the bride auction and can't resist a naked Sofia so he pays an outrageous price to make her his. Johen realizes that by marrying an Outsider he's in for an uphill battle as Sofia will fight him at every turn and try to escape for months, if not years. But Sofia has been given a erotisk (an aphrodisiac) by a healer named Myria which makes her quite the biddable/beddable wife for days.

Johen is a nice guy who is and will be fully devoted to Sofia. I liked him a lot (a lot!) and think that in short story form the whole Viking underground/Bride auction works. I read Black's
Deep, Dark and Dangerous
and found the work to be more campy than anything else. I didn't really enjoy it but it did have several naughty parts that were fun to read. This one was nearly as naughty with very little camp so overall I liked this one much more.



The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

Nikolai Wroth is human turned warrior vampire. Myst the Coveted is Valkyrie, a being most believe are simply myth. Myst 'bloods/bleeds' vampires and then kills them which I guess is akin to being their soul mate for about 2 minutes before murdering them. When she encounters Wroth she admits that she admired him from his 'human days'. Myst turns out to be Wrath's bride, which means she's the only women who can blood him/turn back on his human functions (like arousal and a heartbeat). The thing is Myst has 'bleed' vamps before and after she does she kills them. There is something different about Wrath so she doesn't kill him but she leaves him. That seems like a kindness but for the last five years, without his bride Myst, Wrath lives in an unending state of arousal and only Myst can cure him.

It's an interesting premise with a bold, confident, sometimes mean heroine. I liked it, like Wrath's domineering ways, and the whole provocative concept. I felt it was a bit too long but as I understand it, it's book #1 to a series so it's probably a great intro into this new world. I've never read Kresley Cole before but can't wait to start now.


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