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Sep 25, 2012

it was amazing
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How can a ski “school trip from hell” to the snow covered hills of middle of nowhere Scotland get worse? Just add zombies, blood, bitchiness, and conspiracy theories galore! :D

The Undead by Kirsty McKay wastes no time getting to the action. We jump in with both feet right along with our heroes running, swinging, bickering, and armed to the teeth. At a roadside diner just asking for a zombie blood bath, the Cheery Chomper, Bobby witnesses a whole new side to her classmates. Bobby is the new kid in school, an outsider, trying to find her way and perhaps a friend or two when her schoolmates begin zombie-ing out, hunting for bloody bits to nibble and suck on. Instead of cracking the social status bubble of the queen bees, Bobby could end up cracking skulls instead! :) So how does one stay alive and kicking in a moaning, groaning, leg dragging zom world?

Teamwork! I liked Bobby from the very first glare and snarky comment, but humor and wit is nothing without sidekicks to bicker and banter along with. The gang soon forms filled with strong, likeable characters—Pete, Alice, Smitty, and more—each adding a new layer, style and skill to the pile of fun. I loved the whole gang, but Smitty stole the show! This leather-jacket clad hero throws a wicked one-liner, swing, and flirty comment out with such a fun-wink-of the-eye humor, warmth, and charm. He leads alongside Bobby with intelligence and strength. Both willing to allow the other to take the lead and share responsibility. A true gutsy team filled with possibilities. Bobby and Smitty’s chemistry was intimate, sweet, and down right swoon worthy. I loved the slow build up with quick looks, touches, compliments, and jabs. They made me laugh out loud throughout.

“What the--? Smitty doesn’t finish his sentence. The power cuts out, plunging us into darkness. Alice gives another yelp, there’s a thud, and Pete cries out, too. I grab at Smitty, and he at me, and for one horrible, desperately embarrassing second we fly into each other’s arms like Shaggy and Scooby Don’t.”

My absolute favorite part of the group’s chemistry and magic though was the growth and changes along the way. Ms. McKay allows each character to really develop and adapt to the deadly circumstances in their own time and way. The simpering wad of nerves and tears in the corner may not remain curled up and immobile for long. Hell, he or she just might end up kicking some ass!

Now I know I have said this before, but I’ll say it again—I’m a word junkie! I live and breathe off of them. So the language, humor, and words here were a true treat for me. Every page held lines that had me giggling, highlighting, or looking up.

“With knobs on!” or “Going all fruit-loopy now is not going to help.”

Words that jumped out and made me smile—tosser, crumblies, pavement pizza, and flabbergastery. Haha…Love it!

The whole gory, giggle fest was a pure joy to experience! Lightning quick banter, action, and humor propelled this story along with force and fun. But it was the action packed ending that had this horror fan swooning! I could feel the slick, cold fear and tension in my gut. Bloody beautiful! Color me very impressed. A snow covered horror tale brings out my full wattage smile! The splashes of color against the pure, white snow provide such a gruesome image in my head. All my senses jumped to attention with this final confrontation. Twists and turns that had me biting my nails til the end! :D

I highly recommend this dose of horror fun. I had a blast here!

Can’t wait for more!
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09/04 page 50
18.0% "“They want to kill us! Her eyes narrow. And Shanika’s got my Candy Couture bag, the bitch! Drive! She says to the driver. Run them over!”
hehe…Zombies, gore, humor, and a bitch! Love it! :)" 5 comments
09/05 page 120
44.0% "There is something special about a zombie/horror tale in the winter. The red splashed across the snow always gives me the chills. :D"
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

"Word Junkie" - LOVE that! Count me in as one too. ;)

Really great review, Laura. I always loving indulging in a good zombie gorefest with a smidge of humour in it, so I'll see about checking this book out soon. :)

message 2: by Cara (new) - added it

Cara Oh goodness look at that cover! I'm such a dork but it kind of makes me squint me eyes in horror. But it kind of looks fun too so I'm gonna try and give it a shot sometime. Nice review Laura:)

♥Rachel♥ Brilliant review Laura! This was a whole lot of zombie gore and fun. I totally agree, Smitty stole the show here. I can't wait to read the next one, which I already have in my hot little hand. I love the word "tosser" too! What is it with the English?! They always have the cool words. :)

Laura Thanks Ladies! So much fun to be had here! Hope you guys like it!

@Cara—“Dork”…hehe…made me giggle! ;) I LOVE this cover!

message 5: by Laura (last edited Sep 25, 2012 06:46AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura ♥Rachel♥ wrote: "Brilliant review Laura! This was a whole lot of zombie gore and fun. I totally agree, Smitty stole the show here. I can't wait to read the next one, which I already have in my hot little hand. I l..."

Hi Rachel! :) haha…I ordered book two over the weekend! Can’t wait! Loved Smitty and Bobby! Very cute!

Laura Hey Rachel? How long did it take for book 2 to arrive?

message 7: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha Essackjee How do we get to read the book

message 8: by Ayesha (new) - added it

Ayesha Essackjee How do we get to read the book

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