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Xor by Moshe Sipper
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Sep 04, 2012

really liked it

Lewis Nash is a Shaper. He found out that fact the day he came home from school and his house was burned down and his father passed away and he was attacked by a wolf-man. Fortunately for Lewis, was saved by Master Long and brought to Xor, a magical world pretty different from ours. Lewis finds out that his biological parents are High Lord and High Lady Shaper and he was destined to be the greatest Shaper of all. A Shaper is a person who can change things around him (or her). Lewis is told that Xor is in danger. It is being devoured by the Realm Pirates. Pirates that want to push Xor into “darkness.” Lewis is told that he is the only one that can stop the Realm Pirates and save Xor, but there is no time for training. Lewis, a magician, a scientist, Master Long, and Five, a good wolf-man, set off to stop the Realm Pirates from destroying XOR.

I liked the advanced technology in the world of Xor and I thought that the fact there was magic also was cool (robots, pirates, magicians - this book has everything)! The story was action packed and exciting. Mr. Sipper described the world of Xor very well and I could picture it in my mind. There were a lot of great characters in the book, Master Long, Grand Magician K’Bol and of course Lewis. I liked reading about how Lewis had to learn about the world of Xor and his powers. I thought the Shapers were cool. Mr. Sipper tried to explain how the Shapers worked (shifting molecules around) but I found that a bit confusing and would have liked to understand it better.


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