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Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines
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Nov 04, 13

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First impression? Superheroes and zombies are not as cool as you'd think. What's awesome about zombies is the terror of conversion or of being eaten alive. If you're impervious it's rather less interesting.


I have to admit that my first impression held true. This was not creepy, scary, etc. There was one jump scare, but it was so obvious it wasn't at all surprising, actually, maybe even a tad anticlimactic.

So what are we left with? A big, sweeping comic book story, without pictures. What's even the point? Also if Regenerator's hand is useless why on earth wouldn't he whack it off? He could probably regrow a hand. It's just so stupid to suggest that his power could be held in check by the virus, particularly given later events that suggest he could regrow anything he damn wanted to. You can't really have it both ways, so the author should have decided early on which way he was headed.

I'm irritated about the fact that this thing is chock-full of tropes and not self-aware enough to pull it off. Also there seems to be an undue amount of necrophilia. Yuck. On the whole, the book left me lukewarm, and I have no intention of reading the sequel.

P.S. Iron Man - billionaire - playboy - philanthropist = Cerberus, therefore Cerberus < Iron Man.

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