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Promises by Amber Garr
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Sep 04, 2012

it was ok
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[More of a rant than review]

I do not know where to start with this book.

But lately, I've been getting into indie reads and trying to discover something awesome, particularly in supernatural or folklore stuff, something as good as Angelfall.

But it turns out not every indie read can be expected to be as good as a debut as Susan Ee's book.

When I first read the blurb/summary for this story, I thought, sure, why not? It's a mermaid/selkie story and I haven't read anything fishy since the Little Mermaid when I was 12.

Call me crazy, but I got the ebook for 98cents and started reading it.

It. Was. A. Disaster.

Firstly, I could see all the self-publishing flaws, the misuse of wrong words, unfinished sentences, typos, grammar and even the occasional spelling mistakes. It was rather bad for something published - but then again, it was done independently, and you could expect the odd flaw or two.

Because nothing can be as good as Angelfall.

Moving on from the physical flaws, the plot and storyline, plus characterization, was a big no-no.
Firstly, the author contradicted herself with what hair color the protagonist had, and I didn't know if I was meant to hate her, like her, feel sorry for her or a mix of the three.

I just found her annoying and rather dull, and really whiny for a 17 year old.

Considering that her family is one of the most powerful mermaid clans, I would have expected her to have a strict upbringing that affected her attitude and her personality. I was expecting something more headstrong and a girl who knows her responsibilities. It was like she had reverted back to her 13 year old ways and threw away everything for the sake of love.

I guess in some cases, books that have girls who fall for love, it works, especially when the circumstance is difficult, like an arranged marriage with an old man or someone evil, but this bitch just kept crushing on Kain, while she was kissing another guy.

It was pathetic.

And the PLOT! So out of order.
I just can't say anything more, since I gave up and skimmed the rest.

So much potential, but it's like there's no thought put into trying to be original in plot and how an actual proper 17 year old acts. Not all teenagers are like that - and readers in that age bracket are usually a lot mature than the character. It's YA, but I feel slightly offended with how annoying the character is.

Enough said.
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43.0% "The author just contradicted herself. First the girl had a golden cape for her hair, now she has dark locks....So what colour is it? Plus, I can see the not-so-detailed editing from this self-published book....it cost 98 cents anyway. :/"

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Jessie I gave the novel two stars as well because I felt like there was a lot lacking from the story and character development.

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