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Inbetween by Tara A. Fuller
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Sep 03, 12

Read in September, 2012

Finn is a reaper for the Inbetween. The Inbetween is kind of a sorting ground for souls. Finn remembers what it was like to be human, which is probably why he ends up in so much trouble. After a mistake years ago, Finn ends up with reaps that are designed to teach him a lesson. What that lesson is, he's not quite sure. Now he's ghostly stalking Emma, who's the reincarnation of Allison. Allison, is Finn's old love from the Inbetween. Finn also had Allison jump the line on reincarnation, taking the spot of someone else. Finn is torn between wanting to protect Emma and doing his job as a reaper. Everyone dies, but Finn doesn't want to see that happen to Emma.

That spot in line for reincarnation was supposed to be Maeve's spot. Now's she is a very pissed off spirit who is hell bent on making Finn hurt. The best way she knows to make him hurt is through Emma. Maeve causes several near death "accidents" that are targeted to kill Emma. Each time Maeve intends to harm Emma, she ups the ante

Emma doesn't know what to think about all of the accidents happening around her lately or the fact that every night when she dreams, she hears voices, and remembers things that she's never done. While attempting to figure out all of the strange things going on around her, she pretends to be normal so her mom will not send her back to the mental instution.

Finn's reaper friends are pretty awesome. Each of his friends know that Finn shouldn't follow Emma around and put off his reaper duties, but any time Finn asks for a favor they are always willing to help. Even if it's not always in Finn's best interest, it's what he wanted. Those are some pretty great friends to have. Easton is a reaper for hell, he is pretty emotionless. He believes that everyone makes their beds, so they can lie in them. Despite that belief, he really does not want to see Finn get into more trouble than he already is. Or end up in hell where, he knows exactly how horrible it is, even for just a quick visit to drop off souls. I really like Easton, he's one of those dark characters that just draw me in for some reason. Anaya is a reaper for Heaven and while she tells Finn it's a bad idea to get close to Emma and silently follow her around, she silently watches Cash. It's kind of like Anaya and Easton are Finn's own walking and talking conscious.

Cash is Emma's best friend who doesn't appear to be as damaged as he really is. He is Emma's opposite and their friendship really works. Even if Emma won't tell Cash what's truly going on with her. He's willing to do just about anything for her, even if Emma may seem crazy.

Inbetween is a fresh breath of creativity amongst the vast amount of paranormal books. The romance is torturous (but so good) where Finn can't touch Emma without breaking the rules and your'e just dying for him to break those rules. Ms. Fuller seriously knows how to write Heaven, Hell, and everything Inbetween.
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