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On the Wings of a Butterfly by Scarlet Hyacinth
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Imagine a world where lunar and solar events had an astonishing effect and created shape shifters. Different events create different types of shifters. Where you are located on the planet, the time of year, everything has a unique effect that determines your other shape. Now imagine that the condition is not known. It's a secret so anyone born this way is viewed as a freak, something abnormal. It paints a bleak picture. This is how it is for Blue. Blue has blue hair hence the name, which by itself is not terrible. However, he also has a pair of butterfly wings he cannot control. His parents hide him away. One day he escapes and is found by Wallace, a wolf shifter with knowledge of a group of people who help people affected by the S.S.E.X factor.

What’s more, Wallace is Blue’s mate. They meet, fall in love, and have their trials to overcome, namely a mad scientist and an out for revenge father.

The plot line is interesting. This is the first time I’ve seen a series that basis shape shifting abilities on the position of the sun and moon, what events were happening and where the person was in the world as a determination for what animal, bird, insect, etc shape they have. Unique is definitely getting harder to find. The story moved a little fast. At fewer than 40,000 words, it is a quick read but I would have liked to see a bit more. Events did not have as much detail as I would like. The romantic scenes were definitely detailed but even they felt a little hurried.

I also would have loved a bit more character development. It was there, it was smooth, but there could have been more especially since this is the first book in a series. It sets the tone for what to expect with the rest of the book.

Overall, the story was good, well thought out, unique, a quick read. The plotline was consistent as was character development if a little shallow on the details. I would definitely read it again, definitely read future books in the series and definitely recommend it for anyone tired of the usual shape shifter, paranormal romance routine.

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