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Partials by Dan Wells
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Sep 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 03 to 11, 2012

In our quest to be conquerors we have created a supermachine to counter attack countries that are a threat to the world. These supermachines look like us, breath like us, even think for themselves. They are not human but have human DNA, they are partials. After helping us win the war, they come back and are given jobs among us, in coal mines...jobs that do not amount to anything. When they try to advance, they are rejected. They cannot apply for other jobs, they cannot seek an education, they are in so many words: slaves. They rebel, turning against their creators. And 99.96 percent of humanity perishes when they release a destructive virus called RM. The human survivors survive...but are on the verge of extinction because the babies that are born does not survive. Kiera enters the story as an intern in the matternaty ward of the hospital where for the past eleven years since the partial attack they have tried to produce at least one surviving human baby. Though Kiera is young she is smart and determined, she cannot bear the loss and is determined to find the cure for RM. And she is fully capable, her intelligence is rare and she is capable to think outside the box. As she studies the virus she realizes there is only one solution, she must obtain a Partial. However this proves to be a problem because after the final war, no one has seen a Partial in eleven years. Beyond this the Senate also opposes Kiera at every turn, determined to keep a firm hold on the remaining population. The world is turning into a dictatorship, with lust for control is rampant. Without disclosing anything further about this book, I will say that I loved each word of it. It kept my heart pumping with adrenaline (I listened to it as an audio book) and I did not want to stop. It was intelligently written, where it needed to sound scientific it succeded, where it needed to sound knowledgeable about battle tacktics it succeeded. Dan Wells did an extraordinary job and all I can say is that I hope this gets turned into a movie one day. It will be every bit as good as The Hunger Games...also I hope for a sequel.

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