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Long Shadows by Erin Hunter
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Dec 21, 08

really liked it
Read in November, 2008

Warriors Long Shadows was my favorite in the Warrior Power of Three series. I like how it answered Eclipse's problem and then gave you a new problem to think about.

This book starts out right after Thunderclan gets back from the gathering when Shadowclan announced that they would no longer be going to the gatherings. Sol has convinced Shadowclan to do this for his own reasons. Tawnypelt brings her kits (who are now apprentices) to stay in Thunderclan until Sol leaves. She says that Sol is trying to turn Shadowclan into rogues. That is when Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jaypaw go out to make a fake sign to Starclan and make Shadowclan believe that Sol is wrong.

Their plan works, but a new problem takes place in Thunderclan. Greencaugh has spread and almost everyone including Firestar had caught it. Jaypaw is worried sick because Leafpool has only taken care of them and not herself. Jaypaw is worried that she will catch it soon. Jaypaw is walking in the forest when he sees catmint (the only cure) on Windclan territory. He decides that he needs to steal it so he asks Lionblaze to help. Because Lionblaze had loved Heathertail he refused out of fear to go with him. Jaypaw furious goes out to steal it on his own.

When he comes back with all the catmint Leafpool is overjoyed. When asked where he found it he lied. Leafpool believed him and gave him his medicine cat name of Jayfeather.

When a terrible fire spreads Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze are trapped until Squirrelflight comes and tries to save them. All of a sudden Ashfur came and blocked the only way out. He did this because he had loved Squirrelflight but she in return did not. He wanted to kill her kits so that she could suffer the way he did. She then reviled a secret that know one would have though to be true. Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze were not her kits and she wouldn't care if they died. Ashfur tried to take the chance to revile her secret and get her sent into exile. But Squirrelflight for not just her own sake but for her "kits" sake as well, ended up killing Ashfur in secret.

That was the end of the book and it leaves another unsolved question of who was really Jayfeather';s, Hollyleaf's, and Lionblaze's mother? This question can be solved in Sunrise Erin Hunter's nesxt book comming out.


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Bailey You should mark this as "contains spoilers" because you tell everyone part of the story. I started reading it, and then stopped because I thought "I don't want to know the story!" Just a little tip.

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