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The Lake House by James Patterson
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Sep 03, 12

The whole flock is back

Maximum (Max)

Is now 16 years old


Is Max's younger brother, age nine. .

Ozymandias (Oz)

Is the same age as Max. .

Icarus (Ic)

A little younger then Max and Oz

Peter and Wendy

Four year old twins

The book starts out with a custody battle between Kit , Frannie and the Bird Kids parents . The Judge give temporary custody to the Bird Kids parents . All the Bird Kids are depressed and unhappy in their new "normal" lives and wish to return to live with Frannie and Kit. Max and Matthew are having trouble fitting in at school . Max has real trouble with one boy , who felt her up . He discover that she has no breast , because she is lays eggs . There is no reason for her to need breast . Also a reporter comes to Max and ask about the Hospital . Another lab that Max found out about at the school . Max takes off to see Oz . Oz tells Max that she is "drop dead beautiful" Latter on all the Bird Kids runaway , because hit men from the "Hospital " break into Max and Matthew home . The Bird Kids go to the two people that they can trust Kit and Frannie .

Kit takes them to the DC area to look for the "Hospital . While in the DC area Max and OZ fall in love . The two make love , but the next day Oz is killed by hit man from " the Hospital while trying to protect Max. Frannie and Kit try to rescue the children but are drugged and hooked up to holographic monitors, which give the patients pleasant visions while their organs are being taken. Max and the flock manage to escape and Frannie and Kit are released later. Although they try to expose the Hospital, all evidence of their experiments are hidden.

At the appeal hearing, the judge decides to return the children to the custody of Frannie and Kit. The family rejoices and moves back to the Lake House. two other big things happen at the Lake House but you will have to read it to find out

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Sophie Max is 12 by the way...

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