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Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman
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Sep 02, 2012

it was amazing

I loved this book. The mother bird has a bondage with her unborn baby bird before arriving to this earth. The mother bird is a compassionate, warm, loving and caregiver. This book is emotional with encouragement to follow what you truly believe in. The baby bird has fallen into experience a lifetime journey to seek his mother. The mother bird was being a good steward to seek food for baby bird. When you have a bond with your dad or mom. There is an attachment that has a calling upon your heart that can not be replaced. This is my opinion that the mother bird talked to the baby bird when it was inside the egg. That is why the baby bird knew he has a mother. He was willing to find her.

The baby bird had to hold on to faith that he will see her soon. The baby bird was getting scared to a point that he was crying to go home. Snort lead the baby bird back home were he meet his mother. The author has written a mystery for the bird baby to go through having the courage to seek a bondage of love for his mother.

Age Group: 3 to 5 years-old

Learning Experience: I would dye-cut mother animals, baby animals, and other objects for the children can be able to idenify which group goes together. The teacher can puzzled the dye-cut upsized down so the children can put the mother animal with the baby animal together as memory game.


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