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Assisted Loving by Bob Morris
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Dec 29, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: biography, american-lit, queerlit
Read in December, 2008

I have two questions for Bob Morris. One: how did you feel when you learned that your book, on which I’m sure you worked pretty hard, was being published with the most soul-scarring, eye-bleaching cover I’ve ever seen outside of the horror section? And two: would you like a little cheese with that whine? Man. If you ignore the SCARY SCARY cover, this book’s sole selling point is that it’s supposed to be a funny account of, and I quote, “double dating with my dad.” Well, it’s not funny, and while widowed father and gay son are both searching for love, they never double date. They just complain. A lot. And at great, great length.

This was like one of those endless, obligatory meals with relatives you don’t much like. You know the kind: the ones where at the end, everyone decides to skip dessert. Gah. Check, please!
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12/21/2008 page 68
22.37% "I have to avoid looking at the cover as I read this—it's just too horrifying!"
12/24/2008 page 158
51.97% "Why so whiny?"

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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam I have a feeling you're about, what?, 21 y/o??
You're attitude suggests you probably won't grow out of your bitterness :-/
Best of luck, Trin

Trin And how old are you that you still think disagreeing with someone about a book merits insulting them?

message 3: by Adam (new)

Adam Obviously, I was referring to your scary cover comment, Trin

Trin Oh, yes, that's completely obvious from your comment, especially since you don't refer to it at all. Perhaps this is one of those subtleties that I will only come to appreciate with age?

message 5: by Adam (new)

Adam yes, and when you look that good at 80, that's when you appreciate the subtleties and not care what some silly 21-26 y/o thinks

Trin Here's a question for you: how old will you have to be before you're able to tell the difference between thinking the design of a book cover is ugly and the person on the book cover is ugly?

message 7: by Adam (new)

Adam fine, you win

message 8: by Buck (new)

Buck Internet weirdoes are hysterical. Who IS this freak? Is he related to the author, or sleeping with the ugly dude on the cover?

message 9: by Miriam (new)

Miriam The font and color of the letters is what ruin the cover.

message 10: by Trin (new) - rated it 2 stars

Trin I don't know, but you know that at TWENTY-NINE, he has the age, experience, and wisdom to totally school my 26-year-old self!

message 11: by Miriam (new)

Miriam He should have waited 'til he turned 30, that's when the oldness sets in.

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