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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
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Dec 21, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: Twilight fans, and some of the less-than-thrilled.
Read in December, 2008

For my money, this book has the potential to be the rock solid best of the series.

A lot of Rob Pattinson's lovely portrayal of Edward might be attributable to his having read it beforehand, and I think it does a good job of illustrating some of the things I've been saying in defense of the things about Edward that other feminists find creepy at best...

The real problem they're not able to see past is that Edward is not a normal 17 year old boy... He's an 100+/- year old 17 year old boy who's never been in love. He's a predator. He's a vampire. He may be being nice about it, but he kills for a living, and at least some of that time, he's killed humans.

What, from his point of view, is wrong with watching her...? Remember our rules and customs are subjective. He's not stalking her to control her, and that's obvious at every stage. He's watching her to learn more about her - something we all do when we're interested in anyone for any reason, even if his lengths and methods are more natural to him than to us. He's watching her to protect her, and the same comparison applies... He goes to greater lengths because of who and what he is. It's -natural- to him.

If I have any fault with the character, it's that he's all too concerned with the idea of having lost his soul... And horrified at the idea of this beautiful, intriguing person he's become so fond of losing hers. As if any god who'd punish him for something that wasn't his choice, no matter how much good he does to try to atone for the 'sin' of becoming a vampire, is anyone you'd want to look up to or spend eternity with in the first place.

What he never seems to get, all through all the books, is that she -does- have a choice. If the fact that she doesn't know everything there is to know about the ramifications of that choice were sufficient to invalidate it, then none of the choices any of us makes would be well advised.

At least this book gives you insight to why he feels that way.

It also gives us some delicious insights into his family and such. I hope, hope, hope she changes her mind someday and finishes it.
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Rose Very well put! I very much agree. I think you are right on with the way Edward is and should feel about himself. This was my favorite of all the books. Stephenie has said that she will finish it but probably in a few years when "everyone gets out of her head". She said that she has to write alone. My only sadness is that I wish she would write Edwards perspective throught out the whole series!!!!

message 2: by Wendy (last edited Nov 07, 2009 08:25PM) (new)

Wendy Great review, Honor. I really hope Stephenie Meyer finishes Midnight Sun eventually, as well, although I don't really want Edward's perspective throughout the whole series. Sorry, Rose. :) I prefer Bella's flawed humanity (except when her melodrama gets too irritating). I also surprised myself by rather liking Jacob's perspective in Breaking Dawn. I still wish Meyer would write a spinoff of sorts featuring Seth & Leah!

message 3: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Oops, I just realized that Rose is not my friend by the same name. Honor, are you Honor High Christensen, or someone else? However I got in this conversation, I appreciate both of your thoughts. :}

Sunscented Spot on review. This is exactly what I've been trying to communicate to the nay-sayers. With Edward, you have to look at the why behind the what.

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