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Into the Woods by Kim Harrison
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Sep 02, 2012

really liked it

This book is filled with seven novellas from the Hollows—all but one has already been published in anthologies or an extra in an earlier book—as well as four new to us that have nothing to do with the world the Hollows exist in. All of the stories are good, although whether or not this would be worth it for you to purchase will depend a lot on your likes and desires.

If you like having all novellas from a series in one book, this is definitely the one you want. The addition of a new Hollows novella as well as the non-related four other novellas, well for me it would have been worth the price. It was on my To Buy list until I was able to get an ARC. Of course if you don’t read anthologies, these stories will be a special treat.

The Bespelled is a very short story that tells us how Al got Ceridwen. And it’s nothing like you would have expected. It was published at the end of the paperback version of The Outlaw Demon Wails.

Two Ghosts For Sister Rachel was first published in Holidays are Hell and is a pre-Hollows story about Rachel as a teen and how she accidentally summoned Pierce when trying to get her father.

Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil was seen in the Dates From Hell anthology is also a pre-Hollows story about Ivy and Kisten. With this one we see the struggle they face both with Piscary’s machinations as well as Art, Ivy’s boss at the IS.

Dirty Magic had been published in the Hotter Than Hell anthology and is about the banshee, Mia and her child, and loving a human to death.

The Bridges of Eden Park was included in For a Few Demons More. It’s about Kisten and Rachel meeting for breakfast on the bridge and a fight that breaks out to save his nephew.

Key Line Drifter (I’m reading an unproofed ARC and know the story as Ley Line Drifter) was in the Unbound anthology. Jenks is approached by another pixy asking for his help. Pixies NEVER ask an outsider for help. Both Jenks and Bis investigate how the pixy's children are being killed by two statues sitting on a ley line.

Million Dollar Baby is new to us, and tells the story we didn’t get in Pale Demon about Trent and Jenks working together to kidnap Trent’s daughter.

The non-Hollows novellas were written a while ago and it’s possible we could see a series develop from any of them.

Pet Shop Boys has vampires and the fey in it, but not like ones we’ve seen before. It’s about a guy who works for a pet shop and is invited to a at a fancy place he’s always wanted to see, by a customer. But he immediately starts noticing that things are really weird.

Temson Estates is a story about a man who just inherited the woods around an estate that went to his great-aunt. Only she needs to show him just why he can’t sell and cut down the woods.

Spider Silk is a different take on dryads than Temson Estates showed us and is about a woman with two young daughters who are hearing stories from their grandmother about how they need to fear Penn, a dryad. The woman prefers to be in denial until her children are at risk. The ending was a surprise.

Grace is probably the non-Hollows story that I enjoyed the most. Some humans are born with the ability to manipulate energy, although they need to find and train them from an early age to keep something bad from happening. Grace and her partner have this ability and are collectors, going after ones that detected notice until they were older, stronger and more dangerous without having learned balance.

Read as an ARC from Edelweiss/Above The Treeline

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