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When It Happens by Susane Colasanti
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Sep 02, 2012

really liked it

Susane Colasanti is apparently convinced that people who are meant to be have to have the same tastes.
Whatever happened to "opposites attract"? After reading two books from this author, Something Like Fate and this When It Happens, I am more and more convinced that this woman would rather marry her clone twin than any other person in this world.

But people have their own tastes and beliefs. I personally don't think two people who like the exact same things are necessarily supposed to be together, contrarily to Susane, but oh well. Let it be, as the saying goes.
Maybe she's right (and me wrong? never).

I definitely liked When It Happens more than Something Like Fate. As afore-mentioned, in the latter book the main character was sure her bestfriend's boyfriend was her soulmate because they had all these interests in common so they shared a connection. Honestly, and I'm saying it here since I believe I haven't written a review of that book, I think the romantic part of the book wasn't much developed. Susane Colasanti was trying too much to get into the teenager talk and behavior, so she forgot to give enough space to emotions and the like. So I didn't really feel connected to any of the characters, which made it hard for me to understand and forgive the betrayal of the main character towards her own bestfriend.

Now here it was another story altogether. First of all, there wasn't any love triangle, not really, so the problem with the previous book was avoided.
Also, the storyline went smooth and this time Susane took her time to (forgive the pun) make things happen.
I felt more connected to the characters and understood their struggles both in the romantic and academic spheres.
It wasn't just a book about romance, it was a book about choices and interior growth. It's a good thing and I really appreciated it, though I think the reader was a bit misguided. In the synopsis of the book When It Happens was sold as a romantic book and nothing else while a lot of space was given to reflection and choices about college and who you really want to be.
There's no problem with that. What I'm saying is, since there's such good contents in this book, apart from the romance, why can't the authors add it in the synopsis of their book? It would attract more readers. Instead this kind of books are sold just as plain chick-lit, when in reality they are so much more.
I hate for them to be so underrated.

I haven't much left to say. I was raptured all the while I was reading, and I think I learned an important lesson from When It Happens.
I recommend this read that isn't just teenage romance, as it would seem. If you know where to look, there's so much more to it.
So here's four stars all for you, Susane Colasanti. Well-deserved. ;)

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