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Darkness Devours by Keri Arthur
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Sep 02, 2012

really liked it
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Quick & Dirty: Dark urban fantasy that amps up Risa’s relationships and the action.

Opening Sentence: We do what we have to do—we track these people down by whatever means necessary.

The Review:

Risa Jones’ life is once again held in the hands of Madeline Hunter and the Vampire Council. Risa has only 72 hours to prove herself by finding what is cannibalizing vampires or else she will be executed. She is once again drawn into a vampire underworld that she didn’t even know existed. Risa really wants to stop these gruesome acts on humans but she knows that to do so would only be foolish.

Darkness Devours continues with Risa trying to find the remaining two keys her father is forcing her to find. Risa is still being watched closely by friend and foe who want to get their hands on the keys either to open the gates or to keep them closed. These gates have the potential to unleash hell on earth or to keep souls from reincarnating which will not bode well for the human race. After a fight with fire elementals that left Risa’s friend Tao hurt badly, Risa starts to rely only on herself and Azriel to protect her friends and keep them from harm’s way.

Risa foolishly enlists her horrible ex-boyfriend Jak Talbott for his skills as a journalist. Risa is still trying to find out who is behind the murders. She has a name but she needs more information on this secretive man and Jak has the skills to find him.

Little is seen of the sexy and mysterious Lucian, which is fine by me. I think there is something fishy with him anyways even though Risa trusts him for some reason. Az and Risa’s relationship takes a giant leap (Yes!). Risa is having conflicting emotions about her relationships. She is still too scared to surrender to her feelings and hides behind self-deprecation and hurtful words. She is worried about having her heart broken.

Darkness Devours is action-packed and intense. The two different storylines play out equally, the key storyline plays out heavily but still adds more mystery to the story that will be played out later. Risa is learning some hard lessons that are going to play into her immediate future.

In the end, Darkness Devours is the book I have been waiting for in this series and not just because of the sexy Az. This novel really delved into both storylines which seem to have more in common with each other instead of being separate cases. This was a pivotal book in this series and it has sold me into this world. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next in Darkness Hunts.

Notable Scene:

“But,” he said softly, lightly pressing his palm against my cheek, “I can share what it is like to be with a reaper in human form. And perhaps in the end that will be less dangerous for us both.”

He didn’t mean physically dangerous. He meant emotionally. And he was wrong on both counts. He was breaking all reaper rules, and I was risking my heart yet again—how could any form of relationship between us not be considered dangerous?

And yet, as he’d noticed earlier, sometimes the gain was worth the punishment—or the broken heart, as I suspected might be the case for me if I wasn’t very, very careful.

“I don’t care what form you’re in, Azriel,”I said, meeting his gaze steadily. “I just want you. Here. Now.”

His hand slid from my cheek to the back of my neck, the gently tugged me closer.

“Well, then,” he said, his words a warm caress that made my lips tingle, “I guess I have no choice.”

FTC Advisory: Penguin/Signet provided me with a copy of Darkness Devours. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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