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Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James
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Sep 02, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary, erotic, western

Like all of her fans, I’m so happy that Lorelei James writes like a speed demon. We never seem to go a long period of time without a story about her larger-than-life, lusty, and family-minded characters. Thank the heavens for all those stories floating around in her imagination.

Tell McKay had a huge crush on Georgia Hotchkiss in high school. He sat behind her in class, and his overactive imagination let the teenage fantasies run wild. Over and over again he allowed Georgia to use him until he’d finally had enough and vowed to never let a woman run roughshod over him again. To that end, Tell has had his share – and then some – of lovin’ women in the ensuing years. Though he’s a younger McKay, he doesn’t lack in the woman-pleasin’ department whatsoever. In fact, the night he sees Georgia again for the first time since graduating, Tell’s in the local bar making his moves on a woman he’s bedded once before. Not the best of impressions. But that’s where the McKay charm comes in.

It wasn’t her idea to come back to Sundance. Her boss insisted, and now Georgia finds herself in semi-hostile territory, people knowing about her divorce from Deck, the golden boy who went on to become the son her father lost. On the advice of a friend, Georgia approaches Tell about attending their upcoming high school reunion together to put those who still gossip and bully in their place. Tell agrees but adds his own spin on the deal – give folks something to really talk about by becoming a couple everyone believes is the real thing. So begins a string of dates to show Georgia how to have some fun, but the fun she wants is between the sheets and Tell is resisting, for some unknown reason.

When Georgia continues to push Tell’s buttons, though, she unleashes the proverbial tiger. Teenage fantasies have come to life for Tell – now with a man’s body and appetites – while new feelings and emotions that Georgia has never experienced explode into unimaginable pleasure. But while the sex is stupendous and feelings on both sides begin to grow, of all things, their jobs begin to cause problems. Well, Tell and Georgia are to blame in the long run by not being honest with one another. Georgia makes the rounds in town to gather advertising for an upcoming rodeo and Tell bounces his responsibility to Georgia and instead judges a rodeo where cousin Chase is participating. Because their feelings are deeper than either realize, anger now enters the relationship and all seems doomed.

In between all of this, there are family problems on both sides of the fence. Tell and his brothers are still trying to expand their portion of the McKay ranch and he has to deal with his mean-spirited father at the same time. That man is something else. He claims to be god-fearing since he’s been sober, but I’m with Tell in wanting nothing to do with him. Georgia also has problems with her father. Since the death of her twin, the relationship with her dad has itself slowly died. We also get to see a lot of our favorite McKays here and there throughout, which is always a treat.

As always, there are also some very memorable scenes. Tell finding Georgia in the cemetery on the anniversary of her brother’s death is tender and beautiful. Such feeling is conveyed through his love and gentleness. On the opposite side of the spectrum is some downright sexy trampoline lovin’ going on. Not sayin’ any more about that. You get the idea, so now you have to read it for yourself! Prepare to be quite hot and bothered. I also like how Tell and Georgia stand up for each other when faced with people who haven’t seemed to’ve grown much past high school. We’ve all experienced that cattiness from people who think they know all, and each time it happens, Tell and Georgia put them in their place very nicely. Great scenes.

This is a terrific addition to Ms. James’ Rough Riders series. There aren’t any hotter cowboys out there than what you find in the pages of her books, and Tell is definitely a McKay to the core. The lovemaking is explosive and intense with a bit of fun thrown in now and again, all in vintage James style. Family is always part of these books, and her writing has another layer added with this side of the McKays who have problems more than the usual. It’s all done realistically, with a slight edge, and it pulls myriad emotions out of you. I’m already going through withdrawals waiting for the next book.

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Julia I recently finish reading this book and LOVE IT! Can't wait for the next book in Rough Rider series! :)

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