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Dangerous Boy by Mandy Hubbard
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Sep 01, 2012

it was ok
Read from September 01 to 03, 2012


Shy and cautious Harper can't believe that Logan, the gorgeous new guy is interested in her. After dating Logan for a few weeks Harper is pleased to find that her relationship is going well, that is until she meets Logan's deranged twin brother, Daemon. Harper's new relationship is tested when Daemon takes an unhealthy interest in her. Harper is convinced there's more to Daemon than she was led to believe and when strange things start happening around her town, she starts to suspect that Daemon is behind it all and sets about exposing him.

-I liked the first part of the book - there were a few creepy parts that had me hooked but Harper's POV was so blah that I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have had the protagonist been half decent. The 'twist' was predictable - I was irritated that it took Harper so long to figure things out - actually she didn't even figure things out because she was told everything in the end. Most of the story dragged as the bulk of the book was just one freaky thing happening after another.

-Harper was the typical, boring YA heroine. There was nothing unique about her - nobody understood her, she was all alone, she had 1 dead parent and 1 absent parent, she thought she was plain even though she's wasn't, she dressed in jeans and t-shirts and generally made little effort in her appearance - all to give the illusion that she was deep and profound. She was a rubbish heroine - she was weak and sacred about the most stupidest of things. She was just a boring loser. Her fears weren't charming or endearing they were irritating and it just made me hate her.

-I can't say Logan was the typical YA hero, he did however have a few cliches - like being model good looking and also having a tortured past. The romance between Logan and Harper was dreary.
I was pissed that Harper could only conquer her fears because of Logan - she only knew him for a month and he managed to persuade her to face her fears, yet she didn't listen to any of her life long friends who had tried for years to make Harper more adventurous...ugh.
It's just so unrealistic and insulting that most heroines live a mundane life and do nothing of meaning or importance until the hero shows up and changes her life. Aren't heroines meant to be admirable and strong? What's admirable about them not living their lives to their full potential until they're introduced to the hero?

-Of course, like all YA books the mean girl hated the heroine for no good reason, she was also flirty, wore make up and revealing clothes. Apparently all girls that date, flirt, go to parties and make an effort with their appearance are evul sluts.

-The ending reveal about Logan, Daemon, Trent was expected but the explanations of who was who wasn't very clear - it just came across as nonsense in the end.

Overall, I was disappointed in this book - the concept wasn't original, the execution was poorly done and the characters were all generic. I was glad to see that Harper didn't make any excuses for Logan/Daemon and that she didn't try to 'save' him or redeem him like the usual BS in YA where the heroine forgives the heroes for all their psychotic behaviour.
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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma I'm currently on page 100 and I hate it.

Ferdy Though it's not saying much, the first half was the better half..it only gets worse:(

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