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Chaser by Rick R. Reed
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Sep 16, 2012

it was amazing
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I'm not a professional reviewer, and for that I feel bad sometimes because I read some amazing books and cannot seem to express it to what the book deserved, this book and the next one I read "Afflicted" are amongst the ones I wish I was a better writer, myself!!!

This book was being recommended on a few chats, and when I read the excerpt, I was quite intrigued, so I bought it - I have other Rick R Reed books in my to-read list, but this was the first one I read and it will certainly not be the last.

Caden likes guys who have a bit of weight to them, hence the title chaser for "chubby chaser", while his friend, Bobby(and I always wonder about giving him the label of friend) likes men who are like him, model perfect. Both of them wish for a real connection, but Caden has never shared his interest before. One night out, Bobby has his usual hook up, when Caden spots a man who attracts him, they have an awkward meeting in the bathroom that Caden runs from because he thinks he screwed it up! Bobby's gone when he gets out of the bathroom, so he heads to another bar, where he is propositioned and decides to take the guy up on it, what turns out to be the worst hook up ever, he heads home and who does he see, but the guy he saw at the first bar, this time he talks to him and we get to properly meet Kevin, and the two men connect right away.

What seems like so much promise, is cut short due to a family emergency for Caden and keeps them apart long enough for Kevin to make some changes to himself - health and weight wise, but he's still the same person!
But when Caden sees him again, he does not react the way Kevin thought he would, and in the meantime, Bobby has seen Kevin at the gym and likes what he sees. What neither Bobby nor Caden realize is that Kevin sees, senses and realizes more than either of them so he is easily the character you care for the most!

For Caden, his family is Italian, his sister and mother are bigger ladies, and he adores his family, so the feeling I got, is that his attraction to bigger guys had to do with a sense of home, welcome, comfort, as well as what it does for him sexually. Kevin is just so much more than he ever imagined, which is why he struggles with himself and his reaction of how Kevin looks when he came back home.

Bobby is easy to dislike, not only for how superficial he can be, but especially for his manipulations when Caden returns and his attempts to finalize a break up for Caden and Kevin for his own interests.

And obviously, I loved the character of Kevin, he was the most true to himself person in the book!

This was a powerful read of asking yourself why you are attracted to a certain type of person, or "type" and while what you see may be your initial attraction, what keeps your attention, and if that image changed, how or why would that change how you feel, and does it really change how you feel?

Based on this book, once I was done, I went and bought more books by Rick R Reed!

Wonderful story!
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