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Disquiet by Julia Leigh
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Dec 20, 2008

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Read in September, 2011

It has been a long time since I've read a novella. And I appreciated this one. In this small book, you get deeply immersed in these people's lives-- disturbing, distressing, depressing lives.

Sophie, whose baby died during the birth, and grieves for the child by...**SPOILER** carrying her around instead of burying her, was most definitely the darkest, saddest character, her relationship with Marcus was second in my book (um, **SPOILER again** the breastfeeding bit), then the woman/Olivia who just seems so dead inside that I kept wondering if she was actually a ghost and we were delving into The Sixth Sense territory. The children are clearly going to be f*ed up, so I'll put them next on the list of f*ed up-ness, then we'll place Marcus because he's vaguely a weirdo and I have various thoughts on why that is and they're all sexual reasons. Grandmother, the housekeeper, and the twins finish out the list (which, why did it spook me out so bad that these people were twins? I kept having flashbacks of The Shining.).

Do you see that paragraph? I mean, that is a lot to pack into one paragraph, it's still a lot to pack into a 121 page novella. Brava, Julia Leigh.

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aya so creepy, right??? also, come back to new york!!

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