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Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb
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Sep 27, 12

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Read from September 20 to 23, 2012

Eve and Roarke

This will be first book in the In Death series that I am going to actually read since Naked in Death. The rest I have listened to on audio. I wonder what it will be like with Roarke talking in my head.

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I love Roarke. That is all.

Wait, what? That can’t be my whole review? Party Poopers.

This is the first In Death book since Naked in Death, book 1, that I actually held a physical copy of the book. The previous 33 books I have listened to on audio. I wondered how this one would go because I have a highly developed set of voices that I expect to hear when reading an In Death book. I didn’t know how I would feel about the book without Roarke whispering sweet nothings in my ear. One thing that would change is it only taking me three hours to read the book instead of my standard one week!

Delusion in Death started very differently than any of the other In Death books. Normally we start small however here we started with mass murder and Eve is given a case with 80+ dead bodies. As each member of our beloved team arrives they are horrified at what they see. So many dead bodies in one place and it is clear it was all done by the people in the bar. As in they used whatever weapons at their disposal to slaughter each other. Forks, cups, table legs, bottles…you name it, it was used as a murder weapon.

The team quickly finds the reason for the slaughter is a deadly, airborne chemical. The symptoms come on fast starting with a headache and ending with murderous intentions. The few survivors they find are confused and not much help when it comes to an interview after the fact. Eve and the team start with the security cameras to identify the few people who left the bar before the brutality happened.

While investigating the first incident another one occurs. Now Eve and team are left with over 120 dead and multiple injured. The two attacks took place within blocks of each other and had many overlapping companies and residences. The team is convinced the person responsible has some sort of connection to one of those companies or lives in the area.

As with most In Death books we have the main conflict but a lot things going on in the background. Because the conflict involves suspected terrorism HSO has been notified. This causes a great conflict with everyone at the NYPSD because HSO had been a part of one of their recent cases and had a vast network of corruption exposed. HSO is also not a favorite of Roarke’s because it was revealed they knew what Richard Troy was doing to a young Eve so many years ago in Dallas. HSO was more worried about catching Troy so they allowed the abuse to continue on. Eve had to do some very fast talking to keep Roarke from retaliating against HSO in their previous case.

Eve is still dealing with the aftermath of Dallas too. She is having dreams/nightmares about Stella mixed in with her father and McQueen. Roarke has been pushing her to talk to Mira and she finally agrees. Mira had some very interesting insight on why Eve refers to Troy as her father but never calls Stella her mother. I thought that was a pretty pivotal moment for Eve. Mira also asks Eve to think of her next time she has one of those dreams. Sure enough Eve thinks of Mira and Mira is able to walk Eve through her dream. This sets Eve a step closer to the path of recovery. Another action that brought her a step closer was telling Peabody what happened in Dallas. I loved Peabody’s reaction. Their relationship continues to be one of my favorite things about these books.

I never thought I would read a series that had 35 books in it. 35 is a very daunting number. However, I am now caught up to all 35 and can’t wait for more. The blurb for the next book came out last week and it looks like it will be a fun one. If you haven’t read this series don’t let the number of books intimidate you. They are all worth it. I highly recommend the audio because Susan Ericksen is fantastic. Although there is something to be said for the 3 hours it took me to read this book instead of the normal week of listening. Final grade- B

Favorite Quotes:

“I love you, Eve. Every contrary inch.”


She saw Roarke striding down the hall with a pair of file bags. “Roarke, with me.”

“Man,” Peabody breathed. “I wish I could say that. Just once.”

“Once would be all before I stabbed your eyes with an ice pick.”

“Ouch. Might be worth it.”

“A dull ice pick,” Eve added just as Roarke joined htem. “Scram.”

“Good night, Peabody.” He sent her a smile that made her think, Still worth it.


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