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Slide by Jill Hathaway
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The cover and synopsis had me interested from the start and I can definitely say that Jill Hathaway did a brilliant job with Slide to keep that interest intact!

I love how the main character Vee is such a strong female lead unlike most other books have failed at portraying *sigh* There aren't really any flaws I can pick out because to me, the plot was fast-paced, exciting and always kept me at the edge of my seat. It's like one moment I just KNOW who the killer is and then BAM! Here comes another suspect barreling at you! That's something I just loved- oh, and not to forget my absolute adoration for Rollins :3

Now the reason I've cut off one star is because that heart-breaking plot twist at the end wasn't exactly a plot twist for me. I'm pretty paranoid by nature and having read so many cliche fanfictions throughout my short-lived Internet ruled life- I wasn't blown away by the horrid shock of it all and that kind of ruins the 'OHMIGOSH IT WAS THE PERFECT GORGEOUS SKATER DUDE ALONG NOOO' moment for me; oh well. I just hope there weren't many others like me to suffer the same way since it's slightly off-putting.

But forgetting that little fact, I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT! And yes, I'm pleasantly shocked to find out this isn't just a stand-alone novel and NO, it's sooo not just because I'd love me a little Rollins/Vee action in the future c;

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