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Android Karenina by Ben H. Winters
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Sep 01, 2012

really liked it
Read in January, 2011

Wow! I never really fully read Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, but I’ve been wanting to read it though the book isn’t available here. I’ve read the first part, only the first part. And because of this I can’t seem to connect Anna Karenina to Android Karenina. -__- I should really read Anna Karenina then. Regardless of that, I think that Android Karenina was a splendid read, I wasn’t really expecting Anna herself to be somekind of high-tech android. Yeah, that part shocked me the most. Altogether this novel brought certain topics into surface (I think it is also distinct in Anna Karenina) these are: censorship, love, deceit and state power. Well, I can’t help but imagine Alexei Karenin as Stalin, sorry I just can’t help it. Though I pity him. He loved Anna dearly although he was forced to withdraw all of his love for her because of the face. I think that Anna Karenina embodied Leo Tolstoy’s sentiment toward Russian government which the state is to overpowering and censors almost everything to the people.

Reading this book I began to submerge myself in the doubts of the people and how difficult marriage life is. How difficult love is altogether. Love isn’t enough to keep your relationship with your so called “love” in tact and most especially if you have quarrels. Human emotions can cause a relationship to ruin. Jealousy is focused here in the novel. Of course pride is embodied by Alexei Karenin. Love is a like a surreal image, it doesn’t stay for too long, in the long run realize that it never even existed in the first place. It is just something that you created for yourself. Something that you stirred deep inside of you towards another person. And this sensation would be overpowered by the realities of the world.

Alexei Karenin was not a bad man, I think he is a good man. The only fault in him is merging himself with a robot. This would enable the robot to overpower his humanity with mechanical rationality. To think that the sole purpose of his class III was to subjugate humanity. I empathize with him in the fact that he was deceived by his wife. And was strongly opposed to the thought of being jealous. I really really felt for him! T.T Because of this great anxiety in his heart, the power of the face grew stronger and stronger. He gave love and forgiveness but all he had in return was loneliness, being along. And the only solace he had was his metal face. If only he was happier, perhaps the disasters would’ve not taken place.

Vronsky and Anna’s love story was really problematic. And I must commend Levin and Kitty’s love story for being a little pure. Levin really loved Kitty even though at first he was rejected by her because she was supposed to be the bride of Vronsky who fell in love with Anna. Who was the start of the chaos.

Love really is a dangerous thing. One cannot be certain whether he’s guarded when he is in love because when one is in love he is vulnerable as a baby.

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