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The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
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message 1: by Natacha (new)

Natacha I'm so looking forward to read this one as well! Really loved the dvdbox of it, so I'm really curieus about the book.

message 2: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie I have heard that the facts are not that accurate. I think it is kind of violent too. I am not sure. Some of my very best friends adore it.

message 3: by Natacha (new)

Natacha Well, I must admit that I'm always curious about a book whenever they make a movie of it. I know most of the time they are nothing alike, but I usually also like the book much, much more then the dvd. And in the end, I never compare the movie with the book...

message 4: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Living in Belgium, if we see a movie it will be French. I like them. I like books even better.

message 5: by Natacha (new)

Natacha I can only agree with that! When you read a discreption of a character in a book, you imagine that person the way you would think he/she would look like. But when you see a movie, you see the character the way they think he/she would look like and for some reason, this always disappoints me :( I like my own imagination more :D

message 6: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Exactly! Imagination is better. I would rather be told with words how they look! Seriously, I do not have high hopes for this book. That is of course just me.

message 7: by Natacha (new)

Natacha You don't? :( I'm going to give it a try ;-) Usually when a book doesn't have good recommendations I find it a good one *blush* :)

message 8: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Some hate it and some love it so there is no way of knowing. I have studied it so much; I think it will not work for me. That is not to say it is a bad book, just that it doesn't fit me. I think it is more of a plot book than character analysis, which I prefer. That it consists of different stories may also bother me.

message 9: by Dimeh (new)

Dimeh I'd head straight for the DVD in this case.. the outline just doesn't grip me enough for me to go through this monster of a book.

Suzanne I wouldn't recommend it for you, Chrissie. I think you would be bothered by the inaccuracies.

message 11: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie I agree, Suzanne. Simran, I cannot rent this DVD and I have no desire to buy one. I'll just skip it. I was thinking of the audio, but even that is questionable. I do not want to read a book that is made good only by the narrator.

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