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Entice by Amber Garza
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Aug 31, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2012

Right of the bat I want to give a huge thank you to Author Amber Garza for “Entice”, the enthralling second book of the “Prowl Trilogy”, that Amber so graciously gifted me after I had won “Unveil” which is book 3 of the trilogy. (I contacted her so I could read the trilogy together)

Now I’d like to give my fair and unbiased opinion on Entice, in a review for this jammed packed amazing book!!!

Mackenzie returns home from spending the summer with her Grandmother. So many things had happened while she was there, some good, but some bad also - (Wesley)
She felt certain that Wesley (a ghost-spirit) was out of her life for good. Until the nightmares return to the surface, and strange things begin to happen… (raaah ooh) is Wesley back again?

When the danger escalates, and threatens those closest to Kenzie, Mackenzie must fight to save them. Only this time around the evil is so much more powerful, and Mackenzie is faced with one of the most impossible decisions that she must make.

Mackenzie, still has the love interest from her Grandmother’s. her best friend is mad at her, now theres a new boy showing a great deal of interest in her!!! (oh man, another one) oh and did I mention about Wesley being back in her nightmares? Yep, I did… there’s a twist though, because it seems that Wesley has possessed Mackenzie’s mom (this can’t be good) * shakes head*

I think that I can honestly say that I enjoyed “Entice” better than Prowl… don’t get me wrong, Prowl was a great debut novel to start this phenomenal trilogy off - it’s just that with Entice the storyline gets more intense with a much more fast paced continuation from Prowl, which is a GOOD thing not a not bad thing.

There’s powerful life lessons, with huge choices or decisions that have to be made. Lessons, and choices just like teenagers and or adults face daily in our own lives…. A unique opportunity for parents to approach and engage their teenager in a open conversation about the situations that come up in Entice… actually that are in the whole trilogy. (I love that Amber has done this)

Entice brings you face to face with self reflection, (to me this is something that is so critical in life) honesty, (an absolute must) some pretty eye opening truths, and then some heart wrenching choices that also must be made.

*HATS OFF* to Author Amber Garza for “Entice”, with it’s amazing storyline combined with true lessons in life!!!

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t want to be a teenager in today’s crazy world. No sirie!!!

But always remember that through all of the choices or decisions we make, whether that are right or wrong - we learn from each one. And above all, remember we are “always” loved from above. (-:


1. Prowl
2. Entice
3. Unveil

Recommend: Teens and up
Rating 4.5/5 angel stars

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