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Che Guevara by Jon Lee Anderson
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Aug 31, 2012

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Chrissie I am so glad to see that someone has added this book. :0)

message 2: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Vegan Chrissie wrote: "I am so glad to see that someone has added this book. :0)"

It looks so interesting, Chrissie.

(And no, I'm not asleep. 7 college guys and all their friends right above me is not conducive for that!)

Chrissie Oh dam! I wish I could send them some punches. I wish I could come and give you a big hug. You could ball on my shoulder. I am so annoyed for what you are being put through.

I feel like smashing somebody.

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Lisa Vegan Thanks, Chrissie. Imagine how I feel. ;-)
Actually, the insane noise and jostling of the building stopped somewhere around 2:30 but there are still people walking around and there, and I'm really sensitive to noise. I will try to get a few hours sleep because I have to drive a bit tomorrow, but I might have to wait until tomorrow night. It's a holiday weekend so they'll probably have a party tomorrow too. They actually had one Thursday so it's not just weekend nights. Ugh!!! I was designed to live in a house in a quiet neighborhood.

Chrissie Yes, you should be living in a small house in a quiet neighborhood. With a dog. Life isn't the way it should be. I say, escape through books. That is my solution. I have to read books that grip my attention.

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Lisa Vegan Chrissie, I agree wholeheartedly about the value of books!!!

Chrissie And that is why for me how an author writes must be good. Every sentence must keep you fixated on what is being said. (So you mind doesn't wander!)

Chrissie You can answer in the morning. If you write again, I will not answer. I want you to sleep.

This is the deal. I will not even read your reply if you send it now!!! Send it tomorrow. :0) I know you, Lisa.

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Lisa Vegan Thank you, Chrissie. It's hopeless though. It is morning. No sleep. I do plan to sleep well tonight and tomorrow night too.

Chrissie I am clicking my tongue and saying: T uhhhhh. You have 7AM. Sigh.

How will you manage? You must plug up your ears tonight.

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Lisa Vegan I might be tired enough to sleep through some noise.

Chrissie But get ear plugs for the next party. You know some people listen to audiobooks when they go to sleep. you can set them to play for x minutes. I do not know how to do this but others do. Then in the morning you could re-track to the place you remember. No, music might be better......

Dam, dam, dam. I think of how you must feel now.

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Lisa Vegan Chrissie, I did sleep an hour? Two? Just now. Earplugs don't work for me. I do have a sound machine though and it sometimes help if the noise is certain kinds and not blasting. I use surf's up (ocean waves hitting the shore) for sleep and either train or brook or rain for reading. It's great. I'll talk to them at some point. since there are 7 + of them, it's kind of hard. I did miss one opportunity the other day, but with just 1 of them.

Chrissie I think about how hard this is for you. It is like we talked of this a couple of weeks ago and you have been getting no sleep all this time. OK, not every night but many nights.

I am glad to hear that covering up the noise with appropriate other music is working for you.

How are you feeling? Pooped?!

Do you have any questions about Che Guevara? There are a lot of details about each of his guerrilla combats. Lynne thought that was excessive. I thought through these combats you learn what he demanded of himself as well of others. You also learn about the countries revolutionary battles - Mexico, Guatemala, the Congo and Bolivia and more. He had such high ideals, but in the end they destroyed him. Actually it is very sad.

You know he stuck to the rules. Like mad. He would not accept presents. When he got married the second time, Castro said he could take his wife with him on his work travels as a honeymoon. He refused. That would be taking advantage of his position. I cannot help but like the guy. But he took it too far...... and it destroyed him. He is a fascinating person.

message 15: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Vegan Chrissie, I still don't believe in violence, but I'm interested in the guy. I've never read an entire book about him.

No, I'm used to apt. living and no sleep, so I tend to perk up even with very little sleep. I do get very little sleep. I need quiet to sleep and quiet to read. It's a problem. But I do better than most people would do sleep deprived, or so it seems.

Chrissie I don't believe in violence. I don't believe in communism. BUT all his fighting was not for himself. it was for others and yes he took it too far. He traveled through South America and Mexico and saw how the natives lived and he was convinced that the only way their life could be improved was though socialism. It was his violence that destroyed him. He knew he had failed. but it is hard to see someone fighting for others, sacrificing himself totally for them.

Chrissie I was thinking about our discussion. It is not that I agree with Che. His choices would not be my choices. But the book made it so clear how he thought. If I say I admire him, it does not mean I agree with his choices or life philosophy. the book just so well described who he was. In addition I enjoyed learning about what was happening in Latin America at this time. I wanted to be clear.

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Lisa Vegan Chrissie, I understand. I think I could feel as you feel.

Chrissie :0)

So did you get some sleep last night?

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