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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley
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Sep 13, 2015

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Maybe 2.5?? dunno this book was hard to rate. i liked it but i hated it. As somebody said in an earlier comment it’s a bit messed up the way she goes from hating physical contact to loving it. i get that there's a trust there but the whole idea of it is a little dare i say...childish?...on the authors part. For things like abuse and rape to be mentioned let alone a main theme in a book is a big thing and i believe it should have been handled better. I know people that have had their whole lives messed up because they were mistreated, hell i know people that are family of people that have been raped or abused and even they are just as messed up and effected. Nobody and i mean nobody comes out of a situation like that and is unscathed. We see clearly that Amber is one of those people that are left, like so many others, effected for life yet i feel that this book didnt do the real life complexities of such a horrific situation any justice. It would have gone over better for me if she’d just been a normal girl scared of falling in love or being used, abuse shouldn’t have been the reason for her wanting to be reserved and all girls should think long and hard before taking the leap and actually trusting somebody enough to share their first time with someone. Anyway I’m getting carried away which I didn’t mean to happen so I shall continue!
…I also hated the fact that the author chose to bring up Amber's insecurity about physical contact though the unwanted and completely unbelievable advances of the male public. Yeah okay, a sqeezy guy hits on her once and shes understandable freaked out but for it to happen so many times in pretty much the same manner left me a little irate. Not all guys are like that. The same went for the straddling and chirping (you'll understand if you read it)and all the slut calling and man-whore naming. I mean shit give the book a little dignity.
i didn't hang out with the most pristine of crowds when i was in high school and im not proud of some of the people i actually use to call friends but none of them spoke like that so continuously or through themselves at guys so easily, it was pretty gross to read actually.
Still I could bypass most of these plot holes. I could even put up with Liam’s sickeningly sweet confessions of love because he was really a great guy despite how badly Amber painted him to be at the start. I liked the fact that she gained confidence in herself even if I believed it should have happened over more time. Her brother was pretty much how my older brother is just take out the man whoreness. I did not like their mother’s absence but I guess you gotta follow of every other YA book out there.
Anyway all I can say is that this needed more work less hissing and sex talk and more real life.

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