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A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant
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Nov 30, 2014

it was amazing
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Recommended to Fangirl Musings by: Sarah Wendell
Recommended for: Romance readers starving for something refreshingly unique and different!
Read from September 10 to 22, 2012 , read count: Once

Holy friggin' Shakespeare, Batman, it's GOOD BOOK NOISE! *Cue book-happiness.* I read lots of books, and thus far, this year, aside from my favorite author's new releases, A Lady Awakened is truly my favorite book of 2012!

This novel is so brilliantly constructed that, literally, even starting this review seems impossibly monumental. So, let's start from the start...The first aspect of A Lady Awakened that hit me in my awesome-book-spot was the writing's quality. I wasn't even three pages into this novel, and I knew, even then, that I had some serious quality-skills in my hands. Not only are the technical components to the writing so flawless well written, not only does the writing style flow like water, but the voice of the narrative is so powerful, so effortlessly beautiful, that I literally felt as thought I were holding literary magic in my palms.

So, the writing? EPIC GOOD. Next would, logically, come the characters, but here comes a problem. The characters launch themselves in a forcefully subtle manner onto the pages, but do so via the story. I doubt very seriously if any author has so perfectly captured the divine balance between character and plot, interweaving both their development, and immediate introduction with the reader, in such an elegant reality. Martha and Theo immediately set themselves apart from the status quo of romance couples because of their story, even from their first meeting. As the story progresses, their strength in personality, believability, likability, and depth begin at Chapter One as perfect, and only continued to improve throughout.

So rich in character were Martha and Theo that, honestly, their development walked hand-in-hand with the plot. This is ironic, in a way, considering that most romances have peaks and valleys within the context of the story-line. This was absolutely not the case, here. A Lady Awakened opens with Story Point One that snowballs into a wonderful building of character-based plot points throughout every chapter. This escalation rises to an interestingly unique climax, entirely unexpected and unpredictable, and the book comes to a close. That, ladies and gentlemen, takes mad-writer-skills!

Along with the unusual realities of the plot's divine evolution and conclusion, so, too, were the themes presented in Grant's book. I've read romance for eleven years now, and in all that time I have not once come across some of the character behaviors, actions, and exchanges that take place in A Lady Awakened. Never have I read a romance where sexual tension exists by not existing. Never have I read a romance where sensuality comes in forms not at all of the physical. Never have I read a romance where the author doesn't resort to cliches to conclude one aspect of a couple's reality to force upon another. And, most importantly, never have I read a romance I love this...damn...much!
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09/10/2012 page 42
12.0% "Okay. Smart Bitches was right. This book is AWESOME! First time in a while I might just pay attention to the smexy-time scenes, too. Who knew?"
09/12/2012 page 83
23.0% "The writing is not only EPIC POWERFUL, but these characters are the very definition of three dimensional. There is SO much emotion on-page!"
09/13/2012 page 152
43.0% "I seriously doubt I've read a romance with this level of beautifully vivid and eloquent writing in at LEAST six months! Mrs. Grant, you effing rock!"
09/21/2012 page 286
82.0% "This book is, by far, the best book I've read (outside of SK) in 2012! Slow going because of life, but EXCELLENT book, no question!"

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