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The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
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Aug 30, 2012

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I thought the book blurb was being dramatic when it said that beneath the peaceful exterior of Pagford lay a town at war—but it was not exaggerating at all. It seemed like no one in this town liked anyone else. They were definitely all looking out for themselves, often to the exclusion of all others. This was not at all a well-defined battle between good and evil, and it seemed like J. K. relished the change. I did too. In a way, it makes the story all the more intriguing because you can’t…quite…decide who you want to prevail, rather than always knowing who you’re “supposed” to root for. (That’s not to say that I didn’t eventually figure out who I *thought* we were supposed to root for, but I was never absolutely positive.)

The one thing I thought was similar to Harry Potter (yeah, you had to know I was going to go there eventually) was the way that the kids were the clear heroes, not to mention the catalysts of the plot. Like the adults, they all had their flaws—Fats and Krystal especially—but they all had good (if still somewhat selfish) intentions, whereas the adults were portrayed in a rather more negative and petty light. Only the kids could see through all the petty posturing and blustering of the adults as they fight among themselves for Barry’s seat on the Council.

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