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Audrey's Door by Sarah Langan
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Aug 30, 12

Read in August, 2012

A typical haunted house story with creepy neighbours in a multi-story block.
Langdon's list of influences warns us that there will not be much original in the pages, but then again when is a tale truly original. What keeps a reader enthralled is the way it is writtten, hopefully keeping us on the edge of our chairs wanting to keep turning the pages.
Audrey's Door kept me looking for more, but some of the characters seemed to suddenly lose strength at points where they needed to be on top of their game.

A newcomer to New York rents a flat at low rates (for NY) and despite being warned that the previous occupant murdered her children, she moves in.
This lays the ground for unexplained goins on, the appearance of ghostly apparitions, and doubts about the mindset of the protaginist.
She had a strange upbringing that affects her sanity but somehow she managed through college, university or wherever she was to become a qualified architect. You don't have to be mad to be an architect, but it helps... well in this novel anyway.
So strong, educated, independant audrey keeps falling back on the boyfriend who at least on a couple of occasions is not very nice to her. Maybe he is contributing to her self doubt, maybe he is possessed by the flat spirits, or perhaps he is just able to get away with it.

The booke starts well and the middle keeps the interest going, but somehow as it went on I sensed the ending would not keep up, and in my opinion is weak.
Despite the neighbours becoming involved in their scary and unethical ways everything seems to lend itself to a lack of substance in their behaviours.

It's a decent enough read though and comes recommended.


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