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Where There's A Will by Karen Kelley
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Aug 30, 2012

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WHERE THERE'S A WILL: Those Naughty Nephilim Strike Again!
Karen Kelley
Sourcebooks Casablanca September 1, 2012
Paperback: 272 pages and E-Book
Disclosure: E-Galley from publisher via NetGalley.
No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions, unless otherwise stated, are my own.

This new erotic romance series features half-angel, half-human hybrids known as the Nephilim. They have all the powers of angels, but also the frailties of man.

When good girl Haley Tillman is stood up (again), she prays for a dating miracle— and then slams the front door in its face when it appears! Ryder is half angel, half mortal, with powers to do whatever the hell he wants. When he hears Haley’s prayers, he is bound and determined to answer every single one of them. (

If they sold angels this way at church, attendance would skyrocket!

I didn't find the first book in this series especially exciting, and I didn't even realize this was part of the same series for quite a bit of the book. Then something struck me and I looked it up. Here is my review WHERE THERE'S SMOKE.

This story has fun balanced with the both intended and unintended soul-destroying cruelty. There are lots of hot and sexy scenes that serve a purpose of freeing Haley from her self-imposed passionless life. She is a true doormat of a person; she has absolutely no backbone, dresses and styles herself terribly and thinks she is fat and unsexy. While I have known some women with confidence issues, I have never net anyone who was quite this beaten down. So, Haley's Character wasn't hugely believable but she was sympathetic. Her friends, co-workers and family are also caricatures of those roles. All her "support" characters made me feel was that I would like to throttle them.

The question is how far the fantasy aspect can go. If you are willing to entertain a Nephilim as a character why not push the human characters to the point of caricature?

If the book were any longer, or was an attempt at more than feel good erotic fiction then you couldn't use so much hyperbole and have it work at all. While this is a bit sappy, I enjoyed reading it. I thought the Nephilim's lesson plan a bit lacking as a psychiatric protocol to cure door mat-itis. But it's fantasy--it can be ridiculous and still be fun.

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