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The Witches by Roald Dahl
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Dec 17, 2008

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As you can see Roald Dahl writes very good stories that i enjoy reading. This book is called The Witches. This is a very interesting book. The story is about a young boy. He lives with his grandmother in Norway. His grandmother tells him stories about witches. She tells him witches in this story don't wear the black hats and look the way we would think they look. They just look like regular women, work at regular jobs, and do the normal stuff. One day his grandmother got sick and they had to stay at a hotel. The boy brought his two pet mice. He went into a hotel room, behind a curtain, to teach his pets tricks. He suddenly heard the doors open. He looked and saw a bunch of women come in. He eventually realized thay were withches that his grandmother was telling him about. They were planning on turning all children into mice. They didnt like children. The witches found and caught the boy and turned him into a mouse. The boy scurried off to his grandmother. He told her everything and they made a plan to stop the witches.
As you can see, this story is in first person, so I dont know all the characters name. I like how the arthur did that. This story entertained me alot. My favorite part was when the boy was in the rom and all the witches came in. That was very interesting to read. I recommend this book to everyone.
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Abigail I'm glad you liked it, why'd you give it three stars?

message 2: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate Why did you give it only 3stars if you liked it.?

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