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Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs
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Sep 29, 12

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Recommended to Jacqueline by: Vaginal Fantasy Group Read
Recommended for: No one, because it sucked monkey balls.
Read from September 23 to 29, 2012, read count: Not even once

Pages Survived: 83

Sadly, despite being an alt pick for September's Vaginal Fantasy, this book was an Epic Fail in every context of the word. Ironically, it's fail-ness was more upfront and not entirely a shocker, but still a disappointment so big, it hurt my face.

Most people know from jump that a shifter romance story with a dinosaur as the hero lead probably isn't going to hold up well as a realistically "good" piece of fiction. Truthfully, this isn't my biggest problem with Eternal Pleasure. I can handle off-the-wall weirdness, and odd-ball book realities. I can handle a novel that doesn't take itself too seriously (even though this one so did, and shouldn't have.) I like humor, and drama. I don't, however, like paper-thin characters.

The worst element to this book is, unquestionably, the lack of reader connectivity available with the two leads. Granted, while my sorry-ass only lasted 83 pages, I still maintain that good characters can jump at you within the first sentence of a book, or at least make headway into said jumping within that time-frame. Kelly and Ty were so not-on-page for me that I literally felt like I was slugging through words, and THAT does not for a good book make.

But! What's worse than paper-thin characters? Plot. Specifically, when there's SO much plot that it pushes out any room for character personality, development, or interaction. I don't mind a busy story with lots happening, but when I'm 80 something pages into a book and feel like I literally only met Character A and Character B two paragraphs ago, I'm done.

Add those two negatives with the fact that Bangs' book is abhorrently weak in the world building department, even considering my early stopping point, along with the illogical "Hi, Character X, who are...oh, wait, where you going?" writing device was used, and my brain practically spun into a tizzy. Characters were coming out of Santa's ass and MacArthur's pipe with little to no relevance, introduction, or presence. Something about werewolves, and good vampires. Or, bad vampires? Or ghost dinos? I don't know.

I guess, fundamentally, my issue is the fact that the book had the makings of a parody-style lite PNR, but took itself in so-not-that-light that I was just done. So, in conclusion? This one's a big honkin' no-go for me, thanks.

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09/23/2012 page 28
9.0% "This book has some serious potential, but I'm just worried about the quality of character presence and development. Not sure how that's gonna play out, just yet."
09/25/2012 page 58
18.0% "Still slow going on this, but the book has promise. Not in love with it just yet, but definitely seeing no negatives at the moment."

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