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Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis
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Rescue My Heart starts out with a bang. Adam Connelly and his yellow lab, Milo, have just completed a search and rescue gig, which involved Adam rappelling down a cliff to rescue a kid. There is no dilly dallying around—by 5% into the book I felt I knew (and LOVED) Adam. He is ex-military, suffering from PTSD after a mission gone awry, and has a somewhat wild and jaded past. His mother gave up Adam and his brother Dell when they were young. Dell and Adam bump around through the foster system before they land in a good home and find another brother in Brady. Oh, and did I mention that the wild, teenaged Adam becomes the reason that parents lock up their daughters? Now he is just trying to get his life back on track, get a grip on his issues, and live a quiet life.

Enter Holly Reid, a blast from Adam’s past. Holly and Adam had spent a steamy summer together as teenagers, before Adam decided he was no good for her and left town to join the military after his wild ways catch up with him. Holly needs Adam to help her find her missing father. Did I mention she is stubborn and hot headed, and obviously still very much in love with Adam? Well, it is obvious to us readers, but we do have to wait Holly out a bit as she deals with her own issues and denials. Then we have to wait Adam out a bit too, as he fights his own demons. Adam thinks that after the mess he withstood in Afghanistan he is not really capable of love or emotions. While he can recognize how great love is for some people (umm, did I mention that Dell and Brady have their own stories?? Hooray for a series!) he just doesn’t think it applies to him. We as readers can see it is sooooo obvious that they should be together, but we have to wait for them to catch on. It is a kind of delicious agony of waiting—fast-paced enough to keep it exciting and moving forward but still just slow enough to keep us wanting more.

OK, here is the skinny: in case you have not guessed yet, I loved this book. Adam and Holly’s dialogue—both with each other and to themselves—is so clever and fun. While Holly and Adam get to “sexy time” pretty quick, it is understandable knowing their shared history. Oh, and knowing this is some photo inspiration for Adam, you’d potentially move quickly too, right? Just sayin’…

Adam Connelly

Jill Shalvis is a fantastic writer of honest to goodness, mouth-watering Alpha males. Adam is perfect—he is amazingly hot, has total hero tendencies, but is actually human with issues and insecurities (albeit ones that still make him rather hero-like). What I think is best is that he plays this brooding Alpha to a competent Alpha female. We see Holly come into her own—not playing mind games, but instead trusting her instincts and being true to herself. In the end, I’m not sure who actually rescues who (Aww…cue the violin solo…).

Bottom Line

If you like totally fun, sexy romances, read this book! I don’t exclusively read romances, and can’t speak for whether you’d like it if you normally read history textbooks or self-help guides, but I totally loved this read. If you (like me) love a well-written series, read this book—then read the rest of the series! Then read everything else Shalvis you can find…trust me! I am actually backing into the Animal Magnetism series with this book as a launching point, but they seem to stand alone wonderfully and don’t need to be read in order. Have I made it clear? As far as I’m concerned, you should read this book!

Rating: A – I think this is a fantastic romance and, in general, a great read. It has all the right elements to make for an entertaining escape.

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

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