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Breed by Chase Novak
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Dec 23, 12

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As much as I was looking forward to this book, by the end I hated it. No, hated it not a strong enough word. I loathed this book. So many times I wanted to put it down and never pick it back up, but I soldiered on until the very last page and began to wish I had followed through with the urge to abandon it. This book was a perfect example of a great idea that was executed terribly. This was written by bestselling author Scott Spencer, under the pseudonym Chase Novak. I, for one, will not be checking out anything under either name. This saddens me because I was looking forward to this book so much that I suggested it for my online book club to read, that ended up being a very poor decision.

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As I write this review I am also struck by another thought seeing all the 5 star reviews. Did we read the same book? I am puzzled.

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Reading Progress

12/12/2012 page 15
4.0% "Best line so far.."Oooh, I could just eat you up," the father says, as if this were the most normal thing in the world and cannibalism of one's own child were the ultimate sign of affection."

*snicker* Love it."
12/12/2012 page 15
4.0% "What is going on with this book's page! Every review I read has huge plot spoilers in it that are not warned or marked in any way.

At this point, I don't think this plot could be any more spoiled for me. *flags more reviews*"
12/12/2012 page 44
13.0% "I'm sure this will have something to do with the plot later but I really don't want to hear about Leslie's furry vagina lol"
12/13/2012 page 79
24.0% "I'm having real problems with this POV. It's making me not care about the characters and gives very little detail, so I get told X happened but not why it happened and that's annoying me."
12/13/2012 page 94
29.0% "Why on earth would you tell your 10 year old twins that they had a third sibling who died at birth? WTF is wrong with these people?" 2 comments
12/13/2012 page 114
35.0% "Haven't we learned anything from horror movies, you DON'T SPLIT UP! Unless you're in this book."
12/14/2012 page 137
42.0% "I had a feeling that would happen..oh and ewwwwwwww. Seriously!" 8 comments
12/14/2012 page 137
44.0% "This is bugging me, why do the kids have a hyphenated last name? Twisden-Kramer? Kramer is mom's maiden name, but she has only been referred to as Leslie Twisden and her husband as Alex Twisden. Why would you hyphenate the kid's names but not your own?

It's really annoying me!"
12/14/2012 page 152
48.0% "Okay, that was pointless. We already knew about the goby fish, we already knew about the cannibalism, we already knew about the drive to eat one's own young...what was the point of telling all of that again?"
12/15/2012 page 233
74.0% "This chase is getting boring, is it going to come to any purpose? Or just a whole book of running away from mommy and daddy then the end?"
12/16/2012 page 311
100.0% "Um, well okay then. Lots of running and chasing, lots of terror about mommy and daddy eating them...and then it ends, on that? I really dunno about that."

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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor how did this one end?

Stefani I'll put this in spoilers in case anyone else wants to still read it. (view spoiler)

It just came off as really shallow and lacking. Or maybe it's because I never cared about the characters to begin with.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor oh that sucks. i hate books like that :(

message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor do you still have to make a review for this one?

Stefani I do, I'm trying to put all my notes together...I have a feeling it's going to be a scather though. I'll probably get to it on Friday or over the weekend.

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