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Last Kiss In Venice by Martin Chu Shui
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When the author first asked me about reviewing Last Kiss in Venice, I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis. The instant connection between Charlie and Caitlin (Hey, look! It's my name :D) roped my inner romantic in, while the promise of vampires and magic further enhanced my need to read this book. Last Kiss in Venice was the perfect quick, paranormal read- I enjoyed every minute of it.

The book's plot starts off with the relationship between Charlie and Caitlin. Following the 'Legend of the White Snake', Caitlin has spent thousands of years waiting to find her true love- the one that saved her in her past life. While in Venice with her "sister" Alice, Caitlin and Charlie finally find one another, and immediately fall in love. Now, usually I would be upset with the insta-love thing....but as the book progressed, I realized how it wasn't their journey to one another that mattered, but how the love the two of them shared changed both of them. Their love fueled them to make sacrifices for one another that was necessary for the plot of the story.

The dynamic between Caitlin and her friend Alice was the most enjoyable part of the book. Even though they aren't really sisters, they treat each other as if they are- I felt this relationship was more real than even Charlie and Caitlin's. Alice was my favourite character by far because of her bad ass attitude and her absolute commitment to protecting Caitlin. For the most part, I really loved Caitlin's character as well. Her bravery and determination to save those she loved was admirable. The only thing that kind of ticked me off about this character was how love truly made Caitlin blind. There's a certain point in the book where I felt Caitlin was a bit selfish- wanting nothing more than to be with Charlie, even if it meant putting her unborn child in danger.

The most interesting part of reading this book was learning more about the 'Legend of the White Snake'. Martin reinterpreted the legend in an adaptation that was refreshing and more appealing to today's audience. The entire plot of the story also added a dose of mystery and suspense that kept me tapping my Kindle screen so I could get to the next page :)

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