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Endlessly by Kiersten White
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I have been a fan of Evie and the gang since book one- making this book a real bitter-sweet moment for me. Endlessly did not disappoint my high expectations, it was an incredible conclusion!

What makes this book (and the series) so amazing is mostly due to the main character, Evie! I can honestly say that no other Y.A. series has made me laugh so much! Evie's sarcasm and determination to say exactly what she feels is not only a complete joy to read, but is also a fabulous trait of a strong, independent, female lead. Not only is she hilarious, but she also doesn't have that "Jump into the unknown-headfirst-going to crash- but who cares?" attitude that many female characters have in YA books (I find at times it's really frustrating to read). Evie is opposite of this- she accepts help when she needs it and goes into every situation with a plan while still being bad ass with her tasey beside her. She's bleeping awesome ;)

Speaking of hilarious, the situations Evie and Lend get into are so terrible (for them, not for me....I find them funny muhaha) I had to stop reading a few times and let my laughter out. Kiersten White sure does have a unique and entertaining way of sharing this paranormal story with readers- it's just so incredibly creative, I couldn't put it down!

Of course, what's a paranormal story without a little romance?! We return to Evie and Lend's story, where we go through some of the inconvenient situations they get into :P. And although the book is humorous, Lend and Evie are forced to face a big barrier in their relationship- one that will ultimately determine their future together. In addition to this adorable couple, Reth makes quite a few appearance that had me feeling sorry for him towards the end of the novel. Jack, sarcasm, ego and all, also pops back into the story as a helping hand for Evie. I was happy to see everyone get a happy-ever-after ending!

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