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Deenie by Judy Blume
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Aug 29, 2012

it was amazing
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This is a book about a girl with scoliosis. What?! Those exist?! I'm a 23 year old girl who has scoliosis and was told I had to wear a brace at age 13 unfortunately for me, my curve was too bad for a brace and I had to have surgery. I have two metal bars in my back and when I was 15 I had to have corrective surgery because one of the bars fell off.

I wish I knew about this book at 13. I felt alone and a lot of self pity during my days at home and this book could have helped me.

I found this as a teacher doing an author study on Judy Blume for my masters and was in awe. The book portrays so well how people can treat you differently when you are different and the pain that it causes. Every person should read this book and hopefully the knowledge of it will be out there for girls who are like me.
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message 1: by Maddie (new) - added it

Maddie im 12 and i have scoliosis... ifound out when i was 9... unfortunatley like you, my curve was too bad to wear a brace.. i was put into surgery because my spinal cord was teathered... i was missing a half of another... so 2 surgeries later i found myself put into another because they put two metal rods in my back.. aftetr about a year i had bursers on my back so i went in for another surgery.. they took them out. a few months ago i had went back for a check up, my parents asked about a brace again... since the bad news was that the curve progressed evn more than before, he couldnt... so now im forced everyday for an hour to do exercises to push the scoliosis the other way. its helping alot actually... im going to have my mom buy this book for me because im always bullied but still told that i should be a model.. but still i dont want to be because im ashamed and haunted of my "disability".. so im trying to fulfill my dream of being a singer and guitarist... luckaly so far ive gotten nothing but compliments of my "gift"... im just soo hapy that their is someone out there that had close to the same problems as ive used to..

Shannon Maddie,
You do not have a "diability" and you should not be ashamed of what makes you different. I know it's hard to believe in the moment but just because you've dealt with some setbacks doesn't make you any less of a kid then everyone else. I know how it feels to feel alone. I was homeschooled and felt left out. It took some pretty incredible teachers to make me feel included and made me realize that I might have been down at that moment but it didn't define me as a person.
Maddie, regardless if you are laying in bed, your back is hurting or you feel fine, you can do ANYTHING you want. If you want to model, go for it. If you can sing- do that! You are anything you want to be in life.
I was a competitive swimmer since I was 8. I got back on the team after my first surgery, had a second surgery at 15 and didn't even miss a varsity season. I was captain my senior year of high school and then in college I swam all four years and was named the youngest captain in my sophomore year and held that place for 3 years. My point is that my back was never what defined me as a person and it shouldn't be that for you. I knew what I wanted and I went for it and I am not telling you that every day it was easy because it wasn't but I can tell you it was definitely worth it.
Good Luck and definitely read this book :)

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