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Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel by Yosef Gotlieb
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Aug 28, 2012

it was amazing

I saw this book the other day while I was glancing through Goodreads giveaways. (I just bought the book,...why wait). I've often found 'gems' in the giveaways that I may have never seen at all --had I not taken a 'look' at what is being released. (especially books written from another country). I don't 'need' to win the books --but I want to be able to know the great books 'coming out'!
I'm thrilled to have discovered RISE here on Goodreads! ---and such a wonderful author/writer!

It seems in the past few years, some of my favorite books have been written by an author 'living' in Israel. (novels)

This book is NO EXCEPTION --- Its EXCELLENT!!!!! A page turner: Plus, the 'subject' of THIS book by (new author to me), Yosef Gotlief, is 'important'.

The story is deeply engaging ---(I stopped everything else I was doing --and just kept reading). It was THAT good!!


LOVE the Characters (and the relationships between them) --REALLY GREAT CHARACTERS
LOVE the ongoing 'fresh' details --
LOVE the blend of 'personal' intimacy among the citizens of Israel and the horrifying tragedy and challenges.

Reading 'this' book gives expanded insight, of what it might be like to 'live' in Israel 'now'. 'regular people'!

Living in Israel is not 'all horrific' --(as many Americans may 'fear' from news of War).
.... I stayed almost a year myself during the Yom Kippur War ---(Yet, I remember wonderful times: I considered living in Israel myself back in 1973).

Amazing inspiring change is happening 'today' ---and the Yosef writes the most wonderful story keeping us 'interested' from page 1 to the very last page.

"Yosef talked about "Spiritual Warriors" (great term)
"power of good, peace, justice"!!

The people of Israel (while still maintaining their identities), are creating "A New Harmonious" State ---(for Jews/Arabs/Left/Right/ Conservative/Progressive....etc.) ...
Working together to build a better society.


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