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Middle School by James Patterson
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Aug 31, 2012

it was amazing

I am on page 62. Rafe Khathadarian is a middle school student at Hills Village. He is horrible student, is bullied by a kid named "Killer Miller", and has a crush on a girl named Jeanne. Rafe also has a sister named Georgia who talks constantly, a mom, and a dad who is obsessed with the Chicago Bears. Rafe always gets in trouble because of his imaginary friend Leo. Leo keeps telling Rafe to do bad things such as when he told him to pull the fire alarm. As a result of this, all the kids and faculty evacuated the building to the school's parking lot. Leo also scribbles inside book covers. Rafe finds it very difficult to trust people except his mom, Jules. I can relate to this because several times I have told a friend a secret only to find out that it was told to another person. I think the book was written perfectly for a sixth grader. I like how well each character is described. I believe that Jeanne will become good friends with Rafe. Miller will probably keep harassing Rafe throughout middle school. Will Rafe always have an imaginary friend? Who is Leo, someone from his past?

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Will Doro I am on page 62. Rafe Khatchidorian is a horrible student who makes bad grades. On his first day of middle school, he gets teased by a kid named Miller, and has a crush on a girl named Jeanne. He has an annoying sister, Georgia, a mom, and dad who is obsessed about the Chicago Bears. Rafe is tormented by a bully he calls " Miller the Killer", who every time Rafe sits in a seat in the classroom, Miller tells him to "get out of his seat". This is not all that bothers Rafe. He finds it very difficult to trust people except his mom, Jules. I can relate to this because so many times I have told a friend a secret and both times it was told to other people. I think the lack of trust Rafe has for people is why he has an imaginary friend named Leo. In Rafe's mind, Leo does all the terrible, but cool things. Such as scribbling on the inside of a book cover or telling Rafe to pull the fire alarm down. The book so far keeps my attention. Its setting is in the sixth grade, which I can relate to each day. Rafe is mischievous, but I believe he is a nice guy. He makes up a friend because he is new kid in a new school, without friends. I predict that Rafe and Jeanne will become good friends because she is kind to him. I believe that "Miller the Killer", will probably still bully Rafe, but he may get even with him later in the book. What I cannot understand is Leo? How can an imaginary person get Rafe in so much trouble? When will he stop listening to Leo and do the right thing? I believe something bad must have happened to Rafe a long time ago for him to act out in school and do whatever a made-up friend tells him to do.

Will Doro I am on page 124. New character, Ms. Donatella, the school's principal, also known as "Dragon Lady". Rafe imagines her as a dragon with yellow eyes, a tail, and breathes fire when she is yelling at Rafe. Rafe was in trouble again, this time he received detention for foul language, and laughing at loud in class with Leo. When Rafe arrived at home from school, his mom and dad were waiting for him and discussed concerns they had for his terrible behavior at school and the Leo issue (Rafe's imaginary friend). His punishment was that he was not allowed to drink his favorite drink called "Zoom". Zoom is an energy drink that tastes like chocolate and coke together. It has about eight cups of caffeine in each can. Rafe's drinks it out of a mug so that his dad does not know he is drinking this beverage. Getting in trouble at school is something that I can relate to. The worst part about the whole thing is that not only are the teachers mad at you, but, when you get home mom and dad are also mad, and you get restricted from every video game imaginable. I think that Ms Donatella is a really nice lady and that Rafe's mind portrays her as a mean person. She was very disappointed in Rafe and when she was talking to him, he told her that he was going to miss his bus, and she let him go. She did not have to do that, she could have been mean and made him miss his bus. I believe that Rafe may start to be a little kinder to Ms. Donatella. I think she feels sorry for Rafe, and it could be because of Leo. Does Ms. Donatella feel sorry for Rafe? Does she believe it is Leo causing all his problems? I cannot believe how much trouble Rafe gets into because of Leo. Is Leo really imaginable? Something bad must have happened to Rafe when he was younger for him to have a mean imaginary friend. I cannot wait to find out!

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