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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
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Sep 09, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: supernatural-mysteries, supporting-characters-i-love, unconventional-heroines, urban-fantasy
Read from August 27 to September 08, 2012

I confess. I never get tired of visiting Downside. The world Stacia Kane has created is so eerie and post-apocalyptic and yet so urban and contemporary. Junkies, dealers, gangs are blended into a society which hearkens back to the Puritans and their Goodmen and Goodwives--without God or religion--united only in it's fear/reverence and determination to rid the world of those scary, scary, scary ghosts. I will also learn to speak that Downside dialect, dig? Then I'll have me some chatter with some folks.

This world is so carefully crafted and controlled that I can't help wishing that Kane would get Chess's character under control. I get that Chess is an addict and suffers from self-doubt/loathing while simultaneously trying to anesthetize the pain. I get that her love for Terrible brings up existential crises of self worth. That seems perfectly plausible. But for the love of Christmas, could she please stop having these self-hating monologues everysingletime she has to perform any kind of magic. There's a time to worry about being able to love Terrible and there's a time to save the world. Dig? Buffy didn't chatter that much and she saved the world...a lot.

And Terrible. Well, we know how I feel about Terrible. When he confessed that he'd never leave Chess alone in the City of Ghosts because he knew how much it scared her, I swooned. Again. It's a wonder I ever get through these novels with all the swooning.

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