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The First Days by Rhiannon Frater
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Aug 27, 2012

it was ok

Nothing new here, except for the main characters being lesbians. The zombies are typical, and so is the plot...would you care to guess what it is? Did someone say "A hardy band of survivors makes its way toward hoped for shelter; en route they meet and are eaten by the usual ghouls, some survive." Well, whoever said it gets the prize. Actually, everyone says it in every Grade C Zombie book.

Zombie genre is of course, not to be confused with any other genre. It's the gore that counts, not the dialogue or the plot, for the most part. The books sound as though they are written by and for fourteen year old boys. Sure you have to suspend disbelief, but there should be some basic realism. For instance, in The First Days, the survivors develop almost uncanny survival skills overnight, from sharpshooting to hand-to-hand combat...the kind that special forces troops might take a year of training to perfect. The dialogue is impossible...no humans talk that way, and the characters are caricatures.

Our heriones, thelesbians, are beautiful. Of course. One is a beautiful blonde lesbian with large bosoms, the other is a beautiful brunette lesbian with large bosoms. Apparently ugly lesbians or the ones with small bosoms don't make it into zombie books or are eaten early in the proceedings. In fact, ugly people don't make it into this book period. Or not for long. Old, fat, unattractive? It's like banging a zombie dinner gong. And everyone is not just beautiful, but ethnically beautiful. Oh yeah. Black and Beautiful. Hispanic and Beautiful. We have a rainbow coalition of beautiful here.

The book begins with battered housewife Jenni barely escaping her zombified husband. She is rescued by High Powered Attorney Kate who is mourning the loss of her partner. She and Jenni are attracted to one another. Wooo wooo. They are also attracted to men. Woo Woo and Woo! Hey, lots of teenage boys read zombie books. This is obviously a little meat for the (young) wolves. They are even attracted to the same man, giving the plot yet another twist, and believe you me, there are plenty of plot twists to go around here. Pu-Lenty. And most of them aren't even visible from less than two miles away.

Kate and Jenni head to Texas where they hope to find shelter. Along the way, the collect a group of survivors recycled from other zombie books, with the big difference being their aforementioned Beauty. The dialogue is stilted, the action is typical. Nothing new here. This plot has come back from the dead so many times, it's down to bare bones. Please, please somebody, let this plot RIP. Give us something new to chew on. This is part of a trilogy. Do yourself a favor. Skip the entire bunch. If you have not already read it, go look up "Day by Day Armageddon" by J.S. Bourne. Now that's a book that will frighten you to bits and is decently written and well plotted.

Zombie books and "Walking Dead" on AMC are my guilty secret. Don't tell anyone I reviewed this.

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