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The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan
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Dec 15, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, audio
Read from March 02 to 21, 2011

Seanchan, argh!!!

Just as good if not better than the first time through as I can see all the "threads" (get it) that have been established for lots of great things to come. Also, Audiobook is definitely the way to do a reread as I don't have that terrible feeling that I'm neglecting everything else, plus I don't think I'll get worn out when it comes to the middle/slower volumes.

As I mentioned in my Eye of the World review, this is just where I write down a few things so I can later keep track of in what book which events take place.


Lots of time spent in Fal Dara with training followed by Trolloc/Fade/Dark Friend attack on Fal Dara which leads to the Great Horn being stolen. The 3 boys set out with Ingtar to retrieve it, the womenfolk proceed to Tar Valon to begin their training, Egwene and Nynaeve meet Elayne for the first time. While following the Shadowspawn with the Horn, Rand, Loial, and Hurin are transported through a portal stone where they meet Selene/Lanfear and Rand kills Grolm.

They end up in Cairhien finally (days ahead of Ingtar, Mat, Perrin, Verin Sedai and group) where The Great Game is played and where everyone thinks Rand is really good at it. He's eventually invited by every noble in town until finally the King and the Damodreds, the most powerful families around. It is found that the Damodreds are harboring the Dark Friends and have a Way Gate under the premises, which is blocked by Machinshin (Black Wind).

They find another way by using the portal stone in the Ogier Steading. It actually takes them 3 months to get to Falme after a long (and somewhat boring) dream sequence where the dark one always wins.

During this time, the women are training, until they are tricked by Liandrin who takes them to Falme and where they immediately meet the Seanchan who chain Egwene. Nynaeve and Elayne are able to escape whereas Min is not, but they don't care much about her since she can't channel.

They are able to arrange passage away from the Seanchan and about the same time they are about to leave, Rand and party show up, fight off the Seanchan (Rand beats a Herin blade holder), and Rand fights the Dark One in the Skies (again), many see it and are converted to the Dragon Reborn's camp.


***End Spoilers***
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Tyson Ah yes, book 2. Back when things used to happen. A far cry from book 10.

seak Yup, I hope I can keep going at that point. :)

Tabitha (Pabkins) it's been so long since I read it the first time! but you are right it is so awesome doing a reread and knowing how it is setting things up for later

seak It really is, if only I could get my act together to get back on track. I'm stalled at book 7 at the moment and there's no hope of catching up before the final release.

Paul Nelson I guess this is at the top of the epic fantasy list at 14 books, listening to these on audiobooks books at the moment but only up to the great hunt, enjoying so far.

seak I really enjoyed the audiobooks. I used those to reread the first 5 books and Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are just perfect and I've listened to lots of audiobooks.

As far as lists, this one's definitely up there. I'm glad it has an ending and can't go on (and on) like Feists' or Brooks' series. :)

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